This And That (Again) …

I think the community of mosquitoes in our area has recognized that I hold a very powerful weapon in my hand. From the last few days they are looking like to be on a suicide mission. One of the mosquitoes I was going to use my weapon on, ran right into the running fan and killed itself. Later, after failing to kill another one, I was putting the bat away on the floor and the mosquito came in between and got killed. Last one was bound to die. I used the bat on one and while I was taking it back..another one got hit. See..ek ke saath ek muft..muft..muft. (Okay jokes apart…Achu has 3 more red swellings on her, so I am not going to rest if I see a mosquito).


Ever since I came here, I have been eating way less than what I should because I am super afraid of the weight gain. I have an option to eat everything I have dreamed of eating for the past 3 years and yet I say no whenever I am asked. When I go back to Redmond, I will realize again what I have to eat there, read the above lines and kill myself for what I did. Btw, dad took me to a buffet lunch here yesterday (minus mom and the kids), I thought I would eat without any hesitation for once, but the food turned out to be not so tasty. It was funny to see that appetizers were served to our table even though it was a buffet.


I finally finished reading Stephen King’s The Dark Half (I had to loose some sleep every night, but that’s okay).There were some genuine scary moments, especially because I was reading at night, all alone, but, you know, half way through the book, I was thinking its got to be that guy who killed everybody and guess what… It was that guy. So, I just ended the book with a ‘I knew It’ feeling. On the other hand, we can now conclude that Dil is as smart as Mr. King. :P. Okay… don’t laugh; I don’t get to have any feel good moments these days.


Today was one of those hectic back to back days. Abhi and Achu gave me time just for bath and eating. I feel so tired already and I know I still have the night ahead of me. I was watching Hrithik Roshan’s mountain dew commercial on TV the other day, you remember the beach and the jumping into the water one. It was neither about the actor nor the jumping, but I so wanted to rest on that beach and step into that water, even if it was just for an hour. I know its not happening anytime..but I can at least dream..right?

8 thoughts on “This And That (Again) …

  1. he he Oc la three mosquito died 🙂 🙂 electric shock is better than fan blade!! strategy formed by mosquito 😀 😀 😀 three boils on the lil one face! darn! apply some cream on babies dear 😦 they will sell those mosquito curtails right! try them na!

  2. guess what?! we have been killing mosquitoes in US this year. Wonder why there are so many mosquitoes suddenly here. Most of the buffet places in India serve starters at our table.

    1. What really..Thats surprising…Maybe all mosquitoes escaped from know..everyone having this electric mesh bat. 🙂

      I see..I never knew was surprised. 🙂

  3. Mosquito net is what you need. I slept in it with both the kids when we were in India last time and thankful for it.

    Oh and go Dil eat for all of us ‘deprived of good Indian food’ people out here.

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