One Request

Does anyone know anyone on the SunRisers Hyderabad team? I mean, personally. I have a favor to ask. I know I am making this request quite late, but I need them to make it to the end of IPL and possibly win the series. You see, I am afraid, if they lose, Sun network channels will stop playing the Sun Risers Theme song every hour. I know, I know, many some of us are very annoyed at the constant reruns of the theme song but we are that family that patiently awaits the song to play on TV because it makes Abhi and Achu super happy (I cant insist enough on super). The 5 or so minutes the theme song is on, Abhi and Achu’s eyes are glued to the TV, they are actually lost, smiling. They even stop crying the moment the song begins. And what this means for us is that we can get our work done without any resistance from them. We can change their diapers, dresses, feed them anything we want, make them empty their bottles, we can get anything done. I mean, even Achu will eat without fighting. You have no idea what that means. I should first say kudos to the composing team and a big thank you from all of us here.

As I was already dreading the end of IPL, I tried mobile/PC versions of the song, even singing it myself, but they are not as effective as being played randomly on TV. I don’t know what to do when the IPL ends. If the network stops showing the theme song, my only option is to call into one of those stupid shows and request this song. And this I have to do multiple times everyday, you can imagine how tough it must be for a busy person like me, don’t you? So, I need the team to continue to play every day for the next…err…few years..may be. Btw, I wouldn’t really mind if the network increases the frequency of the original song. It might also help boost up the sales and prepare everyone for the next IPL, whenever that is, don’t you think?

Again, ton of thanks to the composing team…
Abhi and Achu’s mom

P.s: The mini version of the theme song is not much useful to me. You see it runs long enough only for one baby diaper change and I have another baby to change plus many other things to get done.


8 thoughts on “One Request

  1. Hehe .. So cute of them.. They seem to really love the song.. Check out if you could record the song when it is played on television and then replay when you need it 🙂

      1. 🙂 Sorry, was not very clear in my last comment.. I meant using the record option available in TV, if you have one 🙂

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