About You, Abhi….

Dear Abhi,

I have written multiple posts about Achu and you in my head. I write them every day. About everything you do during the day and night; How you change every few days, how you do new things for the first time etc. etc. Unfortunately, not one of them made it here. Don’t ask me why. I have no good reason. Anyway, now that I see both of you getting more mobile and active, I thought I would at least sum up what I remember you, as in your last few months back at our home.

When we bought you two home, you both were silent babies. And then Achu started being the crazy loud baby and you were the mellow one. After few weeks, you two reversed roles and you turned into the crazy loud baby. You cried and cried whenever you woke up, before you slept, most of the times. Poor thing, may be you were scared. We couldn’t tell. We hugged and rocked you all the time. You were so crazily crying all the time that when we decided to make you two sleep in different rooms (one with me and one with Pati) to avoid you two waking each other up, Pati was very worried to have you sleep in her room. And so you started to sleep in our room with daddy and me. (Lucky pati thought she got the mellow one. She couldn’t have been more wrong. πŸ™‚ ).

Few weeks you remained this crazy baby, swaddling seemed to comfort you some times, so we did that religiously. After few weeks you seemed to have realized that everything around you was secure and started to calm down (By then, Pati was already having fun with crazy Achu and her sleep schedules πŸ˜› and she wanted to have you in her room. I didn’t let her switch.). The good thing I remember about you is your sleep schedule. When you turned 4 months old or so, your awesomeΒ mommyΒ decided to sleep train you both. Like many other instances, when it came to trying out new things, you were always the first one we tried things on (because you know how crazy your sister is, she makes everything difficult). This was one of the best things we did. Before we got into a routine, you cried whenever we left the room. I would go back, calm you down and leave the room again. We had a small routine before going to bed; We would go into our bedroom, turn on the closet light, shut the blinds and head to our bed. I would sing to you lullabies (and many other meaningless tunes and words) and you would sleep. After few days, you started sleeping through out the night, all by yourself (Something I didn’t like you do because you started skipping eating). I know you wouldn’t remember this, you were literally in love with that light in the closet. I didn’t know why, but you stare at that light so much that you go to sleep staring at it, you wake up and you are staring at it. Sometimes, we would take you into the closet and you would be all eyes, turning your little head to see as much as you can. When we go back to our home, I hope you would have another closet and light, just like the old one. If not, I will surely get you the one that you will like again.

Another thing you loved was listening to music on my phone. In the mornings, after you woke up (you used to sleep around 8 ish and you were generally up by 5), I would play some movie songs on my phone and you spent hours just listening to the music and of course, staring at your closet light. Btw, Thanks for letting me sleep :).

You were a thin baby and you continued to be so. You ate little, threw up quite a few times and when we went to the doctors, we found out that you dropped to 25% of weight range. I am sure you are still in the range now, despite eating better now.

Of you two, you tried to roll over first and then you gave up. Maybe you thought it was boring. I remember you trying to roll over, only a few times. All that I remember is that one day you just rolled over. But after you rolled over onto your tummy, you didn’t know how to turn on your back again, so each time, one of us would put you back on. And again, I don’t know when you practiced, but one day you started rolling all the way neatly. πŸ™‚

One of the toys you loved the most was the Jumper. We, initially got it for Achu because she was showing interest in sitting down, but you took sudden interest in it and would just jump and jump. You wouldn’t stop jumping as long as you were in it. I remember you even slept in it once.:) You caught the jumping bug so much that when we came to Hyderabad, I packed it in our baggage, just for you.

How can I ever forget your cycling? While Achu was putting her hands to good use, you were using your legs. You were cycling so hard and fast that we even received complaints from our neighbors downstairs (Like I said before, dad and I were very proud of it. πŸ™‚ ). Your cycling was one thing that amazed everybody. Everyone who saw you cycling your legs that way just went awww. We were sure you would be a runner or something.

You had so many more wonderful things about you, you had such cute hair; You smiled the cutest; You so enjoyed your bath time; You teethed first too. You had a tiny little one on the left side. Despite me complaining and trying to get rid of the habit, you continued to suck on your fingers a lot for soothing.

Best thing I remember is how I loved watching you sleep and how you would slowly come closer to me during the mornings, sometimes even waving your little hands at my face to wake me up. When we opened the blinds together in the morning and you would stare outside, I loved watching your face and your expressions. You looked so curious. And that’s what the nick name your dad has for you. Curious George. Your dad once said that Abhi will learn by watching/reading and Achu will learn by doing. I quite agree. You were so taken into books. You loved when dad read to you. That little book of vehicles, red fire truck, green tractor..you loved it so much. Your dad even read a chapter of Harry Potter to you already.

You are still the mellow baby now; You are the good baby of the two of you. πŸ™‚ That’s what everyone says..for now. πŸ™‚ Even if you decide to change again …Please be the good little monkey..


9 thoughts on “About You, Abhi….

  1. Aww loved reading it.

    When my SIL’s son started rolling over and did not know how to turn around, we took good advantage of it. We would leave him that way if we have to go to the loo or kitchen or for some work, could easily give us some 2-3 minutes of spare time before starting crying. πŸ˜€

    Hugs to cute Abhi Achu. πŸ™‚

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