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If we ever move to India, I am told that I would be terrible in managing maids. I somehow seem to be treating them differently than others do around here. For starters, I keep calling them andi (like in Hindi…with a ji). Last week, our maid just finished eating and Achu was pooping at the same time. As the maid just ate I thought I would clean up Achu. Apparently, instead of doing it myself, I was supposed to ask the maid to clean it up. Interestingly, maid also seems to think that its okay to be asked to clean a poopy diaper just after she finished eating. Last time I was in India, I went thanking every shop keeper when we went shopping. My friend actually made me enter sort of an agreement that if the store doesn’t give us a good deal, there will be no thank you. I said sorry and agreed. 🙂


Why are many of us so obsessed with gold? Apparently, last week or so gold price reduced and every one I know was at a jewellery store. Even Abhi, Achu and I were dragged to the store. We three sat silently and watched all the hustle bustle around while my mom purchased two bangles and my sister bought a necklace. I was the only one in store not looking to buy any gold item. On a related note, my friend P asked me when I was going to get the diamond earrings I was talking about purchasing for over an year now. I told her that I was actually waiting for Murali to bring it up and she said unless I drop a hint it’s not happening. So here it is.


I may have uncovered the most awesome invention ever; At least, from the perspective of a mom who is trying to keep her twins away from mosquito bites. Its called a mosquito bat. In case you haven’t heard about it yet, its like a small badminton bat that has an electric mesh with minimum power, so when we swish the bat at a mosquito, mosquito is killed instantly. I may have laughed when I was first told about this item, but after I used this as the last resort for getting rid of occasional mosquitoes, I understood its real potential. Honestly, it’s so much power in your hands. I already killed the 4 mosquitoes I saw with the bat and feel like a super woman. Also, you can tell Abhi, Achu and I are one family because we three have red swellings from mosquito bites on our left cheek.


Seeing Hyderabad everyday reminds me so much of my life here 6 years ago. Especially all the expectations, dreams and hopes I had for future. I now realize how most of them haven’t come true. Well, I may be over most of those but its not easy to let go of few no matter how much I try. I now seem to be wanting what I wanted more again, just because I am reminded everyday of what I dreamt. Well, at least there are two little people to cheer me up (and keep me busy).


Here comes another issue I anticipated with India trip and it worries to see it come true. Weight gain. I knew that if I didn’t have a balanced life or didn’t keep myself occupied all the time, I would gain weight instead of losing all the weight I gained with pregnancy. Seeing the obvious weight gain in me is my ultimate depression starting point. I haven’t told anyone, but for the last few months I was in Seattle, I was seeing my weight drop, now I seem to accumulating it all over again, because all day, there isn’t anything hard work I do other than sit around twins, feed/change and play with them. The minimum time I spend on exercise when I can wont help me even a bit.


It rains almost 300 days in Seattle, but when it rained here last week, I could feel the real rain, not the drizzle we have all the time. I took Abhi to the balcony to show him the rain. I hope he smelled the smell of dirt after rain.


13 thoughts on “This And That

  1. Damn true about gold!!! I don’t like them, my dad who got really happy about this price down, asked me to buy something!! I hate it 😦 😦
    Coming to mosquito bat, darn though it is a nice idea, mosquito in Chennai are very smart, for an year, when this bat was introduced initially, it was like fatta fat and as yrs pass by, these mosquito go and stand between the small holes and the steel coil there in they don’t get hurt and die, they remain standing like a spider relaxing in its web!!!!

    Weight gain will be down, when the two starts walking!!! So no worries on that 🙂

    What the lil champ felt 🙂 hope he was happy to see a different rain 🙂 🙂

      1. I escaped 🙂 I didn’t get any 🙂 🙂 do you think so 🙂 though these animals have 5 sense, they outsmart humans 🙂 🙂

  2. What makes Gold a commodity so sought for is its demand. Most of my savings are spent buying gold biscuits then stored in a bank deposit – this is a good form of saving and investment as prices generally are much better in gold than currency.

    On the note of maids – The few times I have been to India I have had many funny experiences with the maid. For example, as a British Asian born and bred in the UK it common to sleep stark naked or with only boxers – while in India this habit didn’t change and I found that the maids would simply enter the room to clean, draw back my curtains and bring me tea while covering their faces with part of their saree irrelevant of my status (naked or not) only when my acquaintance mentioned that “please yaar, wear some PJ’s to bed” that the maids began to feel a little more comfortable. That said, the maids were funny, I’d often talk to them in (Northern) English and they often would laugh and giggle – amusing me too.

  3. I know about that gold thing. 😀 My Mom and MIL went shopping too. I think I like them as an investment but my sister hates them.

    And about maids, you will slowly learn maybe.

    I first saw my SIL using that mosquito bat when she had a baby 2 years back. It’s funny, isn’t it. We all used to kill mosquitoes and feel happy last year. Lol 😀

  4. Rain in India is soooo beautiful. I love it. Never have I seen such a rain in US.
    I was amazed at the mosquito bat too when I first saw mom and dad using it when I visited India. Dont worry about the weight gain. You can always lose it once you are back to US.

  5. I am not sure why people are mad about Gold either. I love rain Hyderabad. Weight gain is inevitable when we visit India. Don’t worry though, you will lose it once you are back here 🙂

  6. I am bad in managing maids too. I just hired a maid a week before and she is already in leave for three days 😦
    Gold!!!! I remember keeping my jewells in the locker soon after the wedding and it is still lying there un touched.
    “I now seem to be wanting what I wanted more again, just because I am reminded everyday of what I dreamt”, this is the state of my mind right now. Hugs is all that I have to give you…

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