Reading Time…

Look what mommy did yesterday! For the first time, she stepped out without the babies (who btw were deep asleep) for some 20 minutes and got herself three books to read. And these would be the first time she will be reading some fiction after over a year. Nice, isn’t it?


When I was buying these I had a suspicion that I already read this Dan Brown book. But I wasn’t sure as I didn’t remember the story line and the book was missing the leaf cover. I anyway bought it as dad said he can read it later (part of big plan after he retires). And it turned out that I did read it. So I ended up with two books to read for now. Not that I have time to do that now, but I wanted to at least pick one and Abhi did that job for me.


I remember few years ago, when I used to buy books in Hyderabad I specifically used to look for old books while all the road side book sellers would try to sell me the pirated copies. I used to argue with them that they shouldn’t sell the pirated copies; Not that they cared, but I still argued. That time, these guys would sell used books for less because they are torn out and have that old look on them. They really didn’t know the value of old books. But when I was buying these yesterday (all for Rs. 500) and my dad was trying to bargain, the store guy told us that he would sell us the same pirated books for less. I still got the old ones and was glad to find out that people are at least now realizing the value of old books.

P.S: The book title page is no longer attached to the book, but can now be used as a book marker.Thanks for taking it out Abhi. I really needed a book marker. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Reading Time…

  1. Try to read as many books as you can while you are in Hyderabad. Once you are back, you will hardly find any time for such luxuries 🙂

    Abhi’s picture is really cute 🙂

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