Why is life so uncertain?

Why is everything so complicated?

Why is it that , always, there are a ton of Ifs and Buts?

Why is tomorrow so unpredictable?

Why does it take a miracle to happen to fix situations?

Why, You FATE, must play with us always?

Why must I always tell myself a ton of times “Its going to be fine”, “We will get thorough this”?

Why is that right after I convince myself for something wrong, something more wrong pops up?

Seriously, Why?

I guess, I really don’tย need any answers. Only wish things don’t go wrong like they do.


14 thoughts on “Why!!!!

  1. there is a saying!!! ithuvum kadanthu pogum!!! means this situation also will pass by!!! relax. hugs and hugs :)time will change ๐Ÿ™‚ smile and face things, it will be looking less worse

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