Baby Milestones

Like other mothers, I love when babies do something new. I mean, even if it is about Abhi or Achu just looking at their hands and twisting and turning the fingers (in the middle of the night). I especially love it when they outgrow their clothes or diaper sizes. Ahh. That means they are gaining weight, right!! I wish I could write about everything they do and I love, but just have no energy or time for it. (Which is why I am thinking of installing some real cameras around Abhi and Achu. 🙂 ).

  • Achu is more mobile than Abhi. Abhi can roll over onto his tummy, but he cannot roll himself back. Achu, however, can roll and roll and roll and roll in all directions.
  • Achu is so desperately trying to sit up. Last night, we left her on her bed and I caught her pulling herself up many times to see whats happening in the living room. She is also learning to crawl now. Until last week, she wouldn’t go beyond the blanket she is on, but now she will cross it (Brave girl). She will then stop and examine the carpet strands and pick whats on it.
  • Abhi is now a champ at licking his fingers. He now has a preference on what fingers he wants to suck; his middle and ring fingers. So, when he is busy sucking on his fingers, it might look like he is going to blow a whistle. Well..not yet.. 🙂
  • If Abhi is a champ at sucking fingers, he is also the super-duper-uber champ at kicking his legs like he is biking (while sitting or laying on his back). So fast that everyone who sees him biking is super amazed.
  • We have a baby bath tub which we use in the kitchen sink. Months ago, Abhi and Achu were so tiny that I was so scared to give them a bath. But now they can sit in it comfortably and leisurely take baths. It was easy to
  • One of our parent life’s saviours is the Baby Swing. Abhi and Achu, of course, looked super cute and comfy in it. When they were tiny, we used to make them sleep in the swings. The rocking, the music, moving toys, the lights, they loved it. It was easy to make them sleep. But now, Abhi has outgrown it completely. Not that he wont fit in it. But, he wont sit in it. After few minutes, he will slide down on to the carpet. Achu, for some reason, thinks that she can roll over in the swing chair or sit in it. She still sleeps in it, though.
  • Aha…A special mention to Achu’s hair. My friends have sent us hair accessories for Achu. I havent used them much, so far. But now her hair is growing fast. From something like bob cut to light bangs to one PiggyTail (with a fountain) to two and now, even three. 🙂 I suspect everything she is eating is going into her hair growth. She is not doing well on her weight, otherwise. Now-a-days she has a small hair clip on her side to prevent her hair falling on her eyes.
  • Of all the things, we teach Abhi and Achu (like clap, namaste, govinda, tata etc), Abhi has decided to learn doing no (shaking his head). He relaxedly rests on the pillow and goes shaking his head. He probably thought that’s the most useful for him. No, I don’t want to drink milk. No, I don’t want to eat. No, I don’t want to sleep. No, I don’t want Achu to pull my hair.
  • Earlier, when we pointed at some direction to look at, all that they could do was look at our fingers. Now, they know to look at the direction we are pointing at. I think they learnt this watching us point the remote at TV. 🙂

Ahh! I think I have ton more to write about. But there is one more that Murali and I are most proud of. That’s the icing on the cake. whenever we talk to anyone about kids, we cannot stop from mentioning this. A real milestone is that we had our first complaint on kids from our neighbors.. On Abhi :).  Because of Abhi kicking his legs so fast like he is biking, when we leave him on floor. Apparently he is kicking so hard that our neighbors downstairs can hear it. They complained and Murali apologized to them. 🙂 I know this is the first of many many to come (soon I will be complaining about complaints) and, in a way, this is not a real milestone, but Murali and I can’t stop raving about this. To me, its something about making us feel like a real family.


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