Top 5

I ..

* Need more and more energy, every day. I finally reached the exhaustion stage yesterday. It turns out my exhaustion is not because of physical work, but mental tensions that Abhi and Achu are not eating/sleeping/pooping well (Seriously, only three important things they are expected to do.. 😦 )

* Need to focus more on work. I have, previously, isolated my work and personal troubles successfully, but this time I am having to transition from one phase to another much much more frequently that I end up staying unfocused at work and home chores.

* Need to plan and execute our move to India and make sure twins don’t face any trouble. Murali will be leaving by end of next month to Vancouver and since airlines wont let one adult and two infants travel (I wont travel that way even if they allowed), my dad is flying here, only to assist me and the twins in travel. I tried to find someone whom I can tag a baby on and hopefully will help me some during the flight, but didn’t find anyone.

* Need to sleep early, especially when the babies allow me to. Many times in the last few weeks, Abhi and Achu slept soon (touch wood!) allowing me to sleep early, but I didn’t. Almost all the times, I stayed awake until 1 or 2 am working, watching tv or just trying to sleep.

* Need to stop writing posts in my brain. Or I need a Thoughts to Post Converter. If only I had this tool I will be posting more often. (Even this post was written multiple times in my head before I found time and energy to ACTUALLY write it here.)


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