Why is life so uncertain?

Why is everything so complicated?

Why is it that , always, there are a ton of Ifs and Buts?

Why is tomorrow so unpredictable?

Why does it take a miracle to happen to fix situations?

Why, You FATE, must play with us always?

Why must I always tell myself a ton of times “Its going to be fine”, “We will get thorough this”?

Why is that right after I convince myself for something wrong, something more wrong pops up?

Seriously, Why?

I guess, I really don’t need any answers. Only wish things don’t go wrong like they do.


A New Idea

Last Friday was just another Friday. I was way less motivated to work than I was in the week before. The fact that I will be leaving work by end of the month is enough to make me feel less motivated each day. So, I was looking to get out early. Luckily, so did Murali. (This is something we should be surprised at, coz it rarely happens). We both had an hour to kill before we needed to go home for a weekend full of diaper changing and feeding.

As usual, Murali suggested few things we could do. And as usual, I said no (because they were not doable in an hour, you know). I suggested just heading to a coffee shop.

So, at Starbucks in Redmond town center after good 15 mins of no talk or non-sense talk, Murali and I had an idea to do something in the next few weeks. An idea we had for a really long time; Idea that seemed not doable in the recent future. We both were super excited about our wish coming true. Murali was so excited that few minutes after this conversation started, I realized , he was standing up and telling me what we could do. 🙂 I had to ask him to sit down. 🙂

Anyway, Idea is definitely doable. But lots of things need to fall into place. Hopefully all goes well and we get to happily see our wish come true.

Baby 101 – How To Refuse To Drink From Bottles

For the very first time, we are visited by the founders of “Babies Against Milk” organization – Abhi and Achu. In this 101 , they enlighten the tiny people on different ways of refusing milk and driving adults crazy. So, if you are a new baby in the world (and if you can read this), this is for you.

1. Like Abhi, You can shake your head left to right multiple times. Chances are, at first, your parents will laugh at your skill in shaking head, later they will be angry. But, trust us, they will end up thinking how cute you are when you are persistently shaking head.

2. Like Achu, You can save time-wasting tasks like drinking milk to sleep time. So you are sleeping and then the adults feed you. Multi-tasking, already. Nice.

3. Like Abhi, You can shut your lips really tight. And once in a while throw a really cute smile at the parent. Mommy keeps going aww over your dimples and smiles and you are saved from drinking. Mission accomplished.

4. Like Achu, you can use your hands to push the bottle away. We mean, really PUSH it away. Be sure to use both the hands or they will think you are not being intense enough on your refusal. If you are get tired pushing the bottle, just put the hands in front of your mouth and cover it. There is no way adults can get past that.

5. Like Abhi, you can pretend to be in deep sleep. Because you have already set the stage well that the baby doesn’t sleep much or is tired, you will be left alone.

6. Like Achu, You can let the bottle nipple inside, but just keep pushing it from one side to other. Do suck once in a while or the adults are going to be pretty mad. This way, you push the feeding time to extremes, without emptying the bottle much. They will get tired and give up soon. You see they dont have the patience we have.

7. This one is just to drive the parents to extreme crazy. Like Abhi, You can drink milk (follow any of the listed golden rules), but do drink. As soon as you are done and your mom completes celebrating her little victory, throw up everything. Yep. Every drop of what you just drank.

8. Another really smart one. Like Achu, you can suck, but don’t swallow anything. Just spit it out when your mouth is full. Beware, you will hear the adults start screaming at you. So keep your smile weapons ready.

And finally, don’t forget to invent new ways everyday. Parents might be stronger than us, but they don’t have something we have. All the time in the world.

Yours lovingly

Abhi & Achu

Baby Milestones

Like other mothers, I love when babies do something new. I mean, even if it is about Abhi or Achu just looking at their hands and twisting and turning the fingers (in the middle of the night). I especially love it when they outgrow their clothes or diaper sizes. Ahh. That means they are gaining weight, right!! I wish I could write about everything they do and I love, but just have no energy or time for it. (Which is why I am thinking of installing some real cameras around Abhi and Achu. 🙂 ).

  • Achu is more mobile than Abhi. Abhi can roll over onto his tummy, but he cannot roll himself back. Achu, however, can roll and roll and roll and roll in all directions.
  • Achu is so desperately trying to sit up. Last night, we left her on her bed and I caught her pulling herself up many times to see whats happening in the living room. She is also learning to crawl now. Until last week, she wouldn’t go beyond the blanket she is on, but now she will cross it (Brave girl). She will then stop and examine the carpet strands and pick whats on it.
  • Abhi is now a champ at licking his fingers. He now has a preference on what fingers he wants to suck; his middle and ring fingers. So, when he is busy sucking on his fingers, it might look like he is going to blow a whistle. Well..not yet.. 🙂
  • If Abhi is a champ at sucking fingers, he is also the super-duper-uber champ at kicking his legs like he is biking (while sitting or laying on his back). So fast that everyone who sees him biking is super amazed.
  • We have a baby bath tub which we use in the kitchen sink. Months ago, Abhi and Achu were so tiny that I was so scared to give them a bath. But now they can sit in it comfortably and leisurely take baths. It was easy to
  • One of our parent life’s saviours is the Baby Swing. Abhi and Achu, of course, looked super cute and comfy in it. When they were tiny, we used to make them sleep in the swings. The rocking, the music, moving toys, the lights, they loved it. It was easy to make them sleep. But now, Abhi has outgrown it completely. Not that he wont fit in it. But, he wont sit in it. After few minutes, he will slide down on to the carpet. Achu, for some reason, thinks that she can roll over in the swing chair or sit in it. She still sleeps in it, though.
  • Aha…A special mention to Achu’s hair. My friends have sent us hair accessories for Achu. I havent used them much, so far. But now her hair is growing fast. From something like bob cut to light bangs to one PiggyTail (with a fountain) to two and now, even three. 🙂 I suspect everything she is eating is going into her hair growth. She is not doing well on her weight, otherwise. Now-a-days she has a small hair clip on her side to prevent her hair falling on her eyes.
  • Of all the things, we teach Abhi and Achu (like clap, namaste, govinda, tata etc), Abhi has decided to learn doing no (shaking his head). He relaxedly rests on the pillow and goes shaking his head. He probably thought that’s the most useful for him. No, I don’t want to drink milk. No, I don’t want to eat. No, I don’t want to sleep. No, I don’t want Achu to pull my hair.
  • Earlier, when we pointed at some direction to look at, all that they could do was look at our fingers. Now, they know to look at the direction we are pointing at. I think they learnt this watching us point the remote at TV. 🙂

Ahh! I think I have ton more to write about. But there is one more that Murali and I are most proud of. That’s the icing on the cake. whenever we talk to anyone about kids, we cannot stop from mentioning this. A real milestone is that we had our first complaint on kids from our neighbors.. On Abhi :).  Because of Abhi kicking his legs so fast like he is biking, when we leave him on floor. Apparently he is kicking so hard that our neighbors downstairs can hear it. They complained and Murali apologized to them. 🙂 I know this is the first of many many to come (soon I will be complaining about complaints) and, in a way, this is not a real milestone, but Murali and I can’t stop raving about this. To me, its something about making us feel like a real family.

Top 5

I ..

* Need more and more energy, every day. I finally reached the exhaustion stage yesterday. It turns out my exhaustion is not because of physical work, but mental tensions that Abhi and Achu are not eating/sleeping/pooping well (Seriously, only three important things they are expected to do.. 😦 )

* Need to focus more on work. I have, previously, isolated my work and personal troubles successfully, but this time I am having to transition from one phase to another much much more frequently that I end up staying unfocused at work and home chores.

* Need to plan and execute our move to India and make sure twins don’t face any trouble. Murali will be leaving by end of next month to Vancouver and since airlines wont let one adult and two infants travel (I wont travel that way even if they allowed), my dad is flying here, only to assist me and the twins in travel. I tried to find someone whom I can tag a baby on and hopefully will help me some during the flight, but didn’t find anyone.

* Need to sleep early, especially when the babies allow me to. Many times in the last few weeks, Abhi and Achu slept soon (touch wood!) allowing me to sleep early, but I didn’t. Almost all the times, I stayed awake until 1 or 2 am working, watching tv or just trying to sleep.

* Need to stop writing posts in my brain. Or I need a Thoughts to Post Converter. If only I had this tool I will be posting more often. (Even this post was written multiple times in my head before I found time and energy to ACTUALLY write it here.)