Keeping Score…

Dear Karma,

Let me start out by apologizing about not writing to you sooner. I should have. The only reason being that, work, home, kids – in short life has been keeping me very busy.

So, I am writing out to you today to seek your approval for the following. You see, I am afraid you will see my acts as a violation of basic ethics and punish me by taking some good karma points away from me. So, before you make drastic decisions and bring my good karma points ( which, btw, are already at the lowest possible), please listen to my side of story.

Few months ago, I was at Pro Club. I was still the new mommy and as soon as my OBGYN said I could exercise, I rushed out to Pro Club and made an appointment with a personal trainer to find out how should I get myself back into shape (Yes, I am laughing out loud too). Trainer gave me a bunch of exercises. After I was done, I was heading out and realized this was supposed to be a paying session but nobody has asked me to pay the fee (some $80). Now, I could have just walked out of there as if I don’t owe these guys anything. But, I didn’t. I asked my trainer (Good Karma act #1), she said, I could pay at the reception. She didn’t care I paid or not. See, I could have walked out again without paying. But, I didn’t. I went to the reception and told them I need to pay for the session (Good Karma act #2). They asked for my card, I realized my purse was still in my car. I walked back to the car, got my purse and paid the fee off (Ultimate Good Karma Act –  #3).

Did you see what a good person I was? If others were in my place, would they ask and pay? Would you?

For weeks, the Good Act remained in my thoughts. As our grandparents and parents told us, what goes around, comes around, I was waiting for some good to happen in return. I waited and waited.

One day, the return act of good karma arrived in mail. It went by the name “Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes”. We signed and received the package, just like the ton of packages (mostly diapers) we receive from for Abhi and Achu. Hours later, I realized, I didn’t order these wipes.  I had other wipes for the twins, and these didn’t match my list. I checked the shipment label and it was addressed to our apartment, but, guess what, wrong owner name. It turns out, ex-residents of our apartment ordered these wipes from amazon for their baby, but they forgot to get it shipped to their new address. And the wipes ended up at our place, addressed to the wrong person. Was this really the good return act of my good acts from weeks ago?

Mind you, I didn’t go rushing to claim it mine. I waited, again, for a good amount of time. A really good amount. I waited for some one to contact and ask for the return. No one did. Well, surely I could have gone back to the leasing office and returned the package, but I couldn’t. Please read the first few lines again. I kept waiting. More than a good amount of time. Until, one day (last Friday), we realized we were out of the wipes for Abhi and Achu and I havent ordered any new ones (Hmm..I wonder why!!!) and they really needed the wipes box not addressed to us . You see, baby bottoms were on line here. So, we opened the box. Even if it’s not ours.

Now that you have read the story, I hope you can see how I should not be punished for using what was clearly not ours. If you further need some convincing, please consider this quote from Murali (who also was the real person to open the box) – “Every Wipe has a bottom’s name written on it.” (True, don’t you think?)

If you are still not convinced, Please do considering talking to me first before you do something truly-yours.

Yours < Already Suffering With Good Karma Deficiency Syndrome> gal, Dil.


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