Another Weekend

* After what seemed like ages, weather was kind enough to let Murali and I take Abhi and Achu on a stroller walk. Last time we went for a walk, Abhi and Achu were really tiny. This time, I thought, Abhi and Achu would enjoy their greeny surroundings but guess who slept throughout the trip. :). Well, that gave some time alone for Murali and me. We walked to the nearby Tullys coffee and it was closed. (I don’t know what it is with this coffee shop and us, each time we head there, they are either closed or closing. This time, the store was shutdown completely. Good, at least , we don’t have to go back now. 🙂 )

* I bought rain coats for Abhi and Achu’s car seats. Thought that would make our life easier when we have to transport them from insides to the parking lot. Guess what; It hasn’t rained since. 🙂 Best 20 bucks I ever spent.

* I have a thing for scary movies. I like the thrill. I do get scared, but that’s a calculated risk I am taking, right?. I can safely get scared. So, after exhausting all our options by watching crappy scary movies, this week we had Paranormal Activity 4 available. (I recently watched PA3 as well and liked it). However, we couldn’t get to watch it overnight as I got into office work. Murali and I decided to watch it during the day, when Abhi and Achu were fully awake. Guess how it went. I was singing meaningless words to Abhi or Achu, making them laugh at the same time watching the ghost scare someone on-screen. Where is the thrill in that? Needless to say, we didn’t like it.

* Because I am asking you to guess a lot, do it one more time and guess who cooked a whole lot of food right in time for the weekend. Yep, no cooking on the weekend. Yayyy..

* Okay, I did cheat a bit when I said I cooked for the entire weekend. I thought I could indulge in some tasty and non-home made food on Saturday, so we ordered a take out. And guess what, it’s not tasty or even edible paneer tikka masala when the restaurant decides to dilute the gravy (to probably serve more customers) and use almost stale paneer. Someone at the restaurant got a decent bashing from me, but it was still my loss. Not that the money has gone waste, but my relaxing weekend experience went wrong ( All that I asked for was some tasty food that I didn’t make. sob, sob).

* If you do drop by the Bellevue mall and hear anyone at Talbots talk about the baby who peed in the store, that’s us. Yep. Abhi did pee in the store. It all started when Mr.Abhi got super cranky and crazy just in a second. Super confused Mom and dad got him out of the stroller and ran to a corner to change his diaper. They did their job well, but how the next sequence of events happened will remain a mystery. Next thing I know, I was showing Abhi himself in the mirror at Talbots and saw some liquid dripping down. Honestly, I had no clue what that was. I realized only a minute later and ran out of the store to check on his diaper again. But damage was already done by then. I only feel bad now that I didn’t go back to the store and apologize for what happened. Okay, as a first time mother whose baby accidentally peed in the store for the first time, I am allowed one mistake. Am I not?

* And what better weekend can I have these days than an extended weekend. I decided to take Monday off, slept the whole morning (after I handed the babies over to the nanny) and cooked 6 items for the week ahead. I know its only February, but you can hand over the best twin working mom of the year award to me. (No…Pee accident doesn’t impact my mothering skills ratings)


12 thoughts on “Another Weekend

  1. LOL@Abhi peeing in the store 🙂 Must have been really embarrassing for you, but you cant help it. Aww, that restaurant spoiled your weekend 😦
    wow! you cooked 6 items in a single day. you are one super woman 🙂

  2. ha ha ha 🙂 🙂 it helpless dear, don’t worry da, I bet Abhi will laugh at this one day in future for his helpless act 😀 😀

    Six items, light a shoe your feet 🙂 I only know to eat six items 😦

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