Blue Moon Is Here …

Hey Hero…Yeah..You Murali…So I got your christmas present. Thanks for the perfume. I have not used it yet; only because some part of me feels guilty about not getting you anything (Another possible reason could be that I don’t have time/energy to apply any moisturizer, so not sure when I will get a occassion to use the perfume, but I will get there..). Seriously, its been more than a year that I gave you a real gift (iPad last december…we returned it in favor of Surface..but its still counted as a gift, after all I had the thought to gift you), so, I am going to play the twin card again and tell you that you already received the best gift of your life for christmas. Only christmas arrived early for us…way too early.

However, I realized I could give you a very unique gift. Tell you few things I like about you. I know. I know. Dont raise your eyebrows. I haven’t done this in a long long time. I know that 10 minutes of time I get to spend, I use half of the time to remind you of pending things and other half on some kind of lecture. So, cherish this. It’s not going to happen again anytime soon. 🙂

Btw, If you would like to frame this one, I can sign it in person for you. 🙂

* I wanted to learn yoga, you enrolled me in a yoga class. I wanted to bike, you brought me a bike. You constantly remind me of the things I tell you I want to do. You do know what I want to and you do try to get me those. (I know that what-I-want list is long)

* How much we both love to do road trips or walk or hike. Each weekend we step out, spend time outside. You like spending time outside the home, as much as I do.

* In the last year or so, you started celebrating our little moments of pregnancy, even moving to a new place. My favorite being a welcome sign for “Baby A, Baby B, Chinnu C from Daddy D”. Thanks for those. 🙂

* Speaking of pregnancy time, how can I ever forget how much work you did for us. You literally filled my bag with boxes of tasty lunches and snacks. No wonder you lost weight when I was gaining 🙂

* You take me shopping. I can’t think of many occasions after our marriage that I went shopping without you. You always take me shopping.

* You put up with my RLS symptoms. Kudos to you for that.

* You are very creative and artistic. The guitar you play once in a while, I love it. Wish you would do it more often. Also, love the little stories you tell Abhi and Achu. Yes, when Sharkey goes Pooofffffff…Abhi is not the only one laughing out loud. You spent so much time in decorating our bedroom, making Abhi and Achu’s real names with blue and pink ribbon papers before we all arrived from the hospital. With the endless staring of their names on the wall, you know how much Abhi and Achu loved it.

* You always saw my career as important as yours. You are a very very supportive husband when it comes to that.

* Most important of all, you know I hate cooking. Most important than that, you made your peace with it. 🙂 Thanks a ton for not expecting me to dish out anything edible.

Now, now..don’t be all happies. You know the other kind of list I can make is really long too…..but for now…Happy New Year… May you always get me nice gifts..May I always get to praise you this way 🙂 …

Here is to a Very Very Happy 2013 🙂 …


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