This Year

Its been exactly a year that we found out we were having twins. Exactly a year since that dreadful ER trip. I was so scared it was all over but I came home shaken about what happened and relieved that its not what I feared. Frankly, now that my days are so busy and filled with lots of little and lovely moments, I seem to have forgotten all about how I felt during those initial days and entire pregnancy period. Last year this time, I think I was waiting for my morning sickness to arrive, stayed home the entire down time. Luckily, it snowed after the new years, so the downtime at work continued. I stayed home all the time with mixed feelings. Scared that its two; happy that its two. We didn’t let any of the family know about the twins until we crossed the first trimester because things still seemed not sure and we didn’t want anybody to be disappointed. My regular appointments continued for weeks until I was sent to a regular gynecologist. Getting promoted to regular OBGYN was very different. It was very relieving to know that I was now a normal pregnant lady, past all the initial hardships. I know everybody says pregnancy time needs to be enjoyed, but for a soul like me who worries about everything, that wasnt happening. I constantly worried about the food that I was supposed to eat (100 g of protein every day, calcium, iron, blah blah blah for the 2000 calories required and yet had to watch out my intake because I may have gestational diabetes. Phew.).

Luckily Murali was finishing his MBA, moving on to job search and had some time in his hands for me (or for his kids 🙂 ). He cooked for me, packed me lunch boxes, made me breakfast, dinner, evening snacks. He did everything. And the only thing I was doing was forcing food down my throat. If Abhi and Achu came out weighing as much as an average single pregnancy baby does, they need to thank their dad for that.

Pregnancy and the arrival of Abhi and Achu filled most of my year. It was so relieving to see Murali finish his MBA and go back to the working full-time mode. Took another worry out of my head. I don’t think I have any other highlights, and frankly I don’t need anything else.

Abhi and Achu are now 5 months old. I can’t believe its been 5 months already. Time sure does fly fast. I don’t know what the next year is going to bring us, but as long as Abhi and Achu are happy and healthy…all is well with my life.


22 thoughts on “This Year

  1. having two in tummy will be awesome freak 🙂 did you get four kicks inside 🙂 I agree its really hard to surpass the first few months 🙂 but having two will surely give a jerk 🙂 🙂 Lot of smiles will fill you in, while they grow 🙂 eat healthy to run after this two naughty cuties 🙂

  2. It will be like yesterday they were crying and when you wake up from those crying, they will be shouting, dancing and all stuff:) best part of life you are in enjoy every tit-bits of it 🙂

  3. Phew such an eventful year. I’m so glad you are enjoying this phase with the twin kiddos. Lots of best wishes for the Dil family and have a wonderful year ahead. 🙂

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