Meri Shopping List

I can’t believe I once had time do this. This was during Murali’s MBA days. I was like living all alone by myself then, despite having him around (who btw was busy 24*7 in his own world).

I don’t think I want this free time on my hands now. I am happy staying super busy. Thank you Abhi and Achu. 🙂

I was making grocery list and started writing down the items here. For some reason, I switched to Hindi and then the translation followed. No wonder I failed Rasthra Basha language test in Hindi. Even now, I can’t spell bru and can’t remember how to write pappu in hindi. And have no interest to find out now, either.

Maybe, when Abhi and Achu start to learn Hindi, I can get a refresher.


P.S: My aunt was a hindi teacher. I hope she never finds this out. She will kill me.

12 thoughts on “Meri Shopping List

  1. Ha ha ha this is better than my telugu writting skills. I make my 8 year old to read Telugu for me..and i hope she won’t forget her basics in telugu and hindi.

    Loved reading about your twins….

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