What I Was ….

Recent exercise of deciding whether to go to India now or later reminded me about how much I changed. Years back, I would never have gone 2+ months without making a decision. Even if it was hard to make a decision, there would have been a clear plan A, plan B. Apparently, now-a-days I just push the part where I have to make a decision far far away.

Change is good, not that I have changed for all bad. I had my share of being very immature about decision-making, so maybe this is just a new way I am trying out; where I actually think. Nevertheless, this exercise got me thinking on what other things I have changed on.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, Here is presenting……Dil as she was few years ago..(What the current Dil can remember)

1. Loved little things: I did have dreams about that big europe trip, skydiving, hiking through amazon, but I also found happiness in little things. Like not missing the bus today; Ipod didn’t die on me; Nice audible songs playing around; Ate a five-star chocolate; Stayed up late and finished a novel etc. I had the realization that the moment was good and I truly enjoyed it. Over the years, being the busy adult that I am now, I have stopped caring/be happy about the little things (Abhi and Achu are an exception).

2. Never hated anyone: That’s a bold-italized-underlined NEVER. I had the share of people who said things they shouldnt have, but I always told myself if they said that, they don’t belong in my group. If they belonged in my group, its okay they said that. A wonderful practice. My friends were so jealous of me just for this characteristic of mine. (Some loved it too. 🙂 ). Dont get me started on what I do now.

3. Never was jealous of anyone: Like I said in one of my earlier posts, I am a changed person on this. I would never have believed if some one told me then that years from now, you are going to be jealous of other things. I simply wasn’t the kind.

4. Never the pessimistic type: Never thought anything could go wrong. Which is why, I sometimes made bold decisions without giving them much thought. I was once pronounced the reigning queen of world of eternal optimism as well. Never thought that even the end of the world was end of my world.

5. Always talking (sometimes without thinking): Something I changed for good. :). But maybe, a lot less talking now.

6. Helped many : I have stopped doing this not because I don’t intend to help anyone now, but because no one asks for my help now.

7. Sang aloud: Huh. I miss this so much now. It used to be so relieving.

8. Had a ton of exciting dreams: Now I just want to have a stable life. Pch!!

9. Believed in GOD: Believed that there was a super power that controlled, blessed,corrected us all. Now..lets leave that with a long Hmmmmm…

10. Over confident: Many of the things I have successfully accomplished were because I was little over-confident. Now the levels have sunk to the right level. unfortunately, they are still going down.

11. Believed everything happened for a reason : And that too a good reason.

12: Bought many many gifts for friends/family: Without a reason, just to show my love. Loved to surprise folks a lot.

There you go, I have written down my new resolutions. Thats making myself go back to the good old me (or what ever was good in me).


9 thoughts on “What I Was ….

  1. you make me feel surprise 🙂 You changed jealous one too soon 🙂 girl world is very small for you 🙂 if you adapt the word change 🙂 🙂

  2. even today i like to sing loudly…..but inside my bathroom only, i love my neighbours you know 🙂

    btw gald to be here….looking forward to read you more 🙂

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