Murali and I decided to make better use of our Thanksgiving long weekend. In the Pre-twins era, that would have meant that we would have gone hiking, done a long road trip, didn’t cook at all and slept all the time. But with twins, we did everything the opposite way. We didn’t go on a road trip, no hiking obviously, cooked every meal and didn’t get much sleep. So when we were discussing about making the holiday more special, neither of us didnt have a clue on what to do when we have to stay home. May be, that’s the reason, we always do a road trip. Didn’t wanting to spend any brain power on coming up with new exciting things to do at home, we settled on our first and last idea … cooking food.

After I broke my almost year long record, I was suddenly in mood for cooking special foods, so I volunteered to make dessert. Murali, of course was going to cook the actual meal, instead of mom cooking that day. So Thanksgiving day arrives, Murali enters the kitchen, promising to produce his signature specialities and guess what he serves us for lunch. Cabbage curry and radish curry. Hmm. If I didnt see him make these, I would have never believed that he made those. There I was expecting him to cook something really really yummy and he dishes out a vegetable (with tadka) like a newbie? Hmm, well, given that I havent really cooked in a year, I couldn’t complain openly. Neither could mom, because after a long time she got a break and she only happy to see her son-in-law cook. We both were super nice to him…saying ooh..yummy..aaah yummy..and all. 🙂 However, after the lunch, I did give him the news that we should probably make our holiday a little better, so guess what we further Food again…This time, for dinner we got a togo. Ofcourse, as promised, I made the dessert, also cooked pasta..reusing cabbage curry from the afternoon (otherwise, there were no takers for it by night. 🙂 ). The only one place that serves some decent Dum Biryani was closed so  we had to settle for just an appetizer. But that was much better than what we ate for lunch 🙂

IMG_3994 IMG_3995 IMG_3996

Meanwhile, Murali was craving for an apple pie. He managed to convince my mom to try it too. Poor mom. When she heard apple pie was supposed to be a dessert she thought it was going to taste sweet like our indian sweets. But it wasnt sweet enough for her. Not even after adding an extra dose of artificial sweetener. She condemned calling apple pie a sweet and lucky Murali got to eat the pie all by himself.


That was just Thursday. Its been two weeks now and I can’t recollect how we spent the next two days. Obviously nothing important to remember and I guess I did realize that a bit by Sunday. That’s when the feeling of ‘gosh, I wasted the whole weekend’ striked in. So we decided to step out of house and do something. Mom didn’t want to come with us on our drive to seattle and so she stayed home with Achu (Burden was on Achu to take care of her Pati). So Abhi, Murali and I went out. Although I was hesitant to step out of the car because it was raining and cold, Murali found this little mall just when Abhi started getting cranky. We finally got out and went inside the mall. I had no expectations for this place as it was just a mall, but it was such a cute place. There was this place that serves cupcakes, a group of women knitting at a table, an art gallery, a baby home-made toy store. Achu couldn’t come with us, so we decided to buy a little toy for her. And this toy was perfect for her because she just started to hold things in her hands and this she could hold perfectly. Has little bells in it too.


But do you know what the best part was, Abhi was such a perfect baby, had his milk without fussing, sat in the car seat, smiled at us a lot. Plus took pictures with me near the christmas tree. I love it when we ditch the car seat and carry the babies with us, india style. 🙂

WP_20121122_009 WP_20121125_014 WP_20121125_028

Hmm, no calories spent walking this time, no eat outs. And as I reread what I wrote, nothing special either. Yet, that’s the holiday I am fine with these days. Funny. I would never have believed if some one told me I would be fine this way.

Having said that, Christmas is coming up… hopefully we will make it a bit more interesting. Just a little bit, each time.


13 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. What do you mean nothing special .. spending time with family. . Enjoying the food.. and all that you have said.. now that to me is not just special but Very SPECIAL. .

    Time spent together smiling eating and having fun is always special. .

    That food looks oooh La La la la

    Reminds me I need to put my Christmas tree..

  2. I like this line 🙂 Murali, of-course going to make the actual meal 🙂 he he 🙂 Its always awesome to have food that’s been cooked by hub 🙂 🙂 and everything came very well and I am die hard love with second and third recipe 🙂 🙂 feel like I wanna eat them from oven 🙂 🙂

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