To the Future Me…

Dear Dil,

In about two months from now, mom will be going back to Hyderabad, leaving Murali and you completely in charge of Abhi and Achu. Now, last weekend, you had your first glance of how it is going to be. Mom was gone for a walk in the morning; Abhi and Achu were in their crankiest moods, demanding your attention, food and at the same time rejecting your attention, food ; For that matter anything you were giving them. Murali and you tried divide and conquer approach. Hmm. (You know how it went.) And then you tried to put them in the same place. More chaos. After an hour of many many trials, Abhi and Achu calmed down, only because they got tired of crying and being cranky. Mom came back and things sounded like normal again. But some time later, when you calmed down, you realized that, for that one hour, you neither smiled nor were thinking of being happy about having those two in your life. And given that things get pretty serious around you when people (like ma) are not around, I have put together this list. When mom’s gone back, you will certainly come back and read this. The Sane-You is sending you these free pearls of Gyan. Please read and read and read.

1. Smile. It may cost nothing. But it will buy you a ton load of patience and energy.

2. Everyday is day one. Achu didn’t sleep last night. Last week they threw up over each other. Yesterday Abhi cried non-stop. None of these. Today is day one. Behave as if you were just handed over two babies. And the other good news, you don’t have the tiredness of a just being discharged after a heavy pregnancy or a delivery.. so more energy.

3. If you spent 23 hours caring for Abhi and Achu non-stop and have an hour to spare, spend that time with Murali Or call someone. One hour of sleep may bring you only little energy, but the same one hour of family time brings you more happiness coz they remind you – ‘We are with you’.

4. Remember that one time when you went aww over that twins you saw at a mall or some place. Well, you now have that awwwnesss with you … Just go Awww over your twins too.

5. Watch their pictures. From last week or when the twins were one month old or two months old. It’s got to bring back those smiles. In addition, don’t forget to take pictures of you and the babies. You got to see how much better it’s getting (or not. :))

6. No matter how much they have tired you in a day or night, each time they wake up, go to them with a big smile. It makes your life easier.

7. Dont forget to keep things in the  house that remind you of your passions. Remember one day you will get to them (While you are at it, make some wild ones too. 🙂 ). You will, one day, learn to swim. Half-dome is not going to disappear. You will climb it some day.

8. Come back and write here. Whether you are loving or hating your life now, these people are nice and they will make you feel better. 🙂


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