Something New…

Huh. So..In my last post, Did I sound like I was leaning towards taking a break from work? Hah…Life is funny..Fate is funnier..and who so ever is writing my now having a gala time confusing me in every possible way. You ask how? Just few hours after I published my last post, my new skip level manager (i.e. my manager’s manager) sends me an email asking for a quick sync up. He is new to the team and so I thought he just wanted to meet and greet. The next day, I am in office and my manager drops by to tell me that with all the re-orgs underway in the group, there are some lead positions open and he had referred my name to interview for one of the positions. And that’s why the skip manager is coming in to ask me if I am interested. Funny. Isn’t it? Here I am, dreaming of taking a break to spend time with my babies and here is an opportunity which everyone would go wow at. I just got promoted to a new level and usually everyone spends an year or two in this level to be eligible for interviewing for a lead position. And I get asked just few weeks after I got promoted? If this wasn’t added into the mix to confuse me even more, what is this? Of course, interviewing doesn’t mean I get the position. It’s actually tough to crack any full loop interviews at Microsoft. But I am told its a good thing to be even asked for it.

And you know what? A part of my brain thinks that maybe I will fail this and then there will be my final signal for taking a break (Sigh! why do I need these signals, anyway!!). But again, I am repeatedly told that I should not think that way, give my 100% at the interview, see how I fare. Well, of course that’s the right thing to do. Interviews are scheduled for next Thursday. Thank God, it doesn’t take too long to know the result. Whatever the result is…nothing to lose right.

P.S: My dear Achu, Weekend night movies watching plan was mom and dad’s. You are not invited. And that’s because you are hardly 3 months old and are watching tv at 10 pm. Even if the movie is Madagascar 3. It said parental guidance suggested and I certainly don’t suggest you watch this movie now. Now, go to sleep.

P.P.S : You Achu, again, You can make all the sweet and cute cooing sounds lying next to us here, I still object you keeping your eyes wide open and watching the movie. Seriously, sleep now…


8 thoughts on “Something New…

  1. Your giving 100% to the interview caught my eye. Strangely I always think of what might happen much ahead and do not give in my best. I was talking to my MIL in the morning today and she told me exactly what you wrote, about giving your 100% in every opportunity, which I loved and decided to follow.

    And btw, many congratulations !!! 🙂

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