First Family Trip

Before kids, one of the recurring things Murali and I did is taking road trips. No planning, no destination in mind. Just drive. Even with twins, we always wanted to do a long road trip; We now know that’s not happening anytime soon. But the trips had to start somewhere. Given that winter is going to stop our outings very soon and that we didn’t do a proper road trip in the last one year, we were very eager to take the babies out on a trip. We heard everyone making it so intimidating to take the babies out, especially when they are only weeks old, but we decided to see it for ourselves. So we set out to plan and take our first road trip.

Not everyone gets the idea of our kind of road trips, i.e driving without a destination in mind and not having something to visit en-route. My mom is the same. So Murali wanted to take a very scenic route through mountains and stay overnight in between. But driving with babies on such curvy roads, in a rented mini-van didn’t sound right to me. I wanted to do it super easy so that we can know what is difficult. Hence we shortened our trip and decided to drive on a normal straight highway. Just 4 hours of driving, a visit to a mall and a little scenic driving. And packing for the twins wasn’t that difficult. I packed a ton load of diapers, baby formula, changing sheets, blankets and wipes. Add to that extra set of clothes, hats, sweaters for each. The 7 seater car we rented had huge space and we pretty much filled it. 🙂 Car seats fit in nice. Double stroller in. Food for adults packed as well. (Thanks amma! 🙂 ). We were all set to go.

Like every road trip has to go different that the planned one (not ours; Ours are always made on the fly), ours changed too. Close to the destination, we changed our plan to go visit a state park instead. Deception pass. A very scenic place. Murali and I visited this place a year and half ago. That was on a cloudy day and it was breath-taking. Once we took to the road, more than a trip to the mall, this sounded better, so we turned to drive through the pass instead.

And every road trip has to face some problem. And we had ours during lunch time. In fact, it was solely a problem for Murali. You see he realized that mom didn’t pack potato chips for Pulihora. Traveling for the first time with 10 week old twins, in a rental car, on a not so sunny day through mountain pass, Murali’s biggest worry was not having potato chips. Sigh! 🙂

Anyway, thanks to that little store on the corner, our case of missing potato chips came to a close. Next thing was to find a place to eat. Something we already knew but realized strongly on the trip was the fact that twins sleep as long as the car is moving. Once we stopped Abhi and Achu decided to cry synchronously, in the highest pitches possible. So as expected, we fed them first. Despite having a huge mini van, it wasn’t easy to move twins around, preparing bottles etc. I guess it can be never easier, at least not as much as it is at home. Once the bottle nipples touched the lips, all cries came to an end. Another round of diaper changing later, we had our food and we continued to the pass. Did I mentioned we parked next to the lake? I Didn’t even remember to get a picture of the lake this time. ( Thank the twins. 🙂 ) But, here is one from last time. Love the cloudy touch to the lake.

Our destination location is full of small islands and deception pass bridge connects two islands.

Views from above and around the bridge are breath taking. To one side of the bridge there are many more smaller islands, the other side offers views of bay.

Being a bit sunny day there were many boaters trying to catch fish.

There is a small trail that leads down to the water. Last time we took the trail and took some pictures of the excellent views of the bridge and surroundings. Here are some pics from last time.

View of the beach from trail.

Although we didn’t get down much this time, Murali and I took one picture around the bridge last time, so we did a quick stop over to get a picture at the same location.  Quick comparison with the last one – I gained weight and have a worse looking hair cut than the last time. Funnily, Murali was wearing the same shirt in both the pictures. 🙂

Couple of more snaps and we took the route home. On the way, did some shopping for Abhi and Achu for their upcoming first Dasara and Deepavali.

So, in conclusion, I think Murali and I succeeded in planning our first family trip. I just wish I had a chance to sanitize the rental car. Although I tried to be super careful in not letting any of their items touch the insides of the car, it was difficult. Just hope they wont fall sick. 🙂


7 thoughts on “First Family Trip

  1. Kudos to you and Murali for planning a road trip with the twins. We love to go out with our kids and I try to pack every last thing we would probably need. But, it definitely gets easier as they grow.

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