30+ Rock

< Dil just turned 30. And she is very sad about it. But to save us all from a sad post she decided to forget the worries for now and focus on what’s next >

Looking back at my old list

♥ White Water Rafting –  Murali and I went on Portland trip last summer and we tried White water rafting on White Salmon river. I hated it. You can see why.

No one on the trip seemed to be bothered about me not able to swim. But, of course I will be. Right! As such I am dead scared of deep waters and White Salmon River offers a class 4 rafting trip. May be not something a beginner like me should be doing. But again, I would have felt the same about a lower level rafting trip. I don’t remember much about the trip except the I was so scared that I didn’t think I would get out alive. So now I can at least say Yayy..I survived and be glad that I can check it off list.

♥ Pictures with the little one(s) :D…Check..Check..Check..

♥ Stroller walks with the babies. Phew. Just made it in time before turning 30. 🙂

Checked off 3 of 9 from the list..Sigh….

So revising the old list and adding new things to it….  (May be one of the targets this time should be to actually try finish the rest.)

♥ I don’t think I wanna trying bungee jumping or sky diving anymore (I am a very responsible mother of two now, you know).

♥ And oh, hiking in general … absolutely. Although its going to be a bit challenging with two babies now. Abhi and Achu are too young for a hike out in the wild now and by the time they will be ready (say 6 months old) its going to be cold. Pretty much every hiking trail will be closed. And by summer next year, they will be one and probably difficult to be carried around, if they stay at one place that is. Ahh..these complications twins bring.. :). Anyway, that’s the challenge I guess. A colleague at work gave me this Baby Bjorn carrier as gift. It will make hiking trips convenient. Murali and I plan to put it to good use. Washington trail Association just posted goat lake picture on facebook this morning and I love it. Its not going to be our first target, but certainly something I want to do.

♥ Cant forget about Half-dome yet. And its off limits for Abhi and Achu. At least for another 15 years. Wish I could be there next summer and hike it with my friends. That would be such a bliss.

And going back to very realistic goals this time (remember I am 30 now, so there is no point adding space walk to my list).

♥ Swimming: Thats right. Start here to conquer my fear of water. This is something I have been postponing for a long time now. And I am looking for people who will ask me every week if I started taking swimming lessons. Seriously. My deadline, Dec 21st. If the world is going to end, I need to make my effort to survive.

♥ Getting back to looking like ‘The Pre-Pregnancy Me’- Its not easy carrying twins. I gained 50 pounds. I was huge. In the last few weeks, wherever I went, there was atleast one person who asked me if I was having more than one baby, who sympathized with me for carrying that much weight. And now post-delivery, I need multiple trainer and physic therapist appointments to lose those pounds and importantly, not look pregnant anymore.

♥ Keep knitting : I planned to knit a lot for my babies but havent done much. Just their first hats. Should get more cute things done in time for winter.

That’s it. Really that’s it. Sigh. When will I stop thinking turning 30 is the end of the world?


8 thoughts on “30+ Rock

  1. Wish you a very Happy Birthday dear, have a fantastic time for it’s your first birthday as a mother, see being thirty is so special, SO Stop Sulking 😉
    Wow! to knitting for the babies, am trying my hand at it too, though am not good at it, but I am learning it slowly from mom 😀
    Stay blessed and have tons of fun seeing all your wishes come true 😀

  2. A very happy birthday Dil 🙂 The babies must be keeping you pretty busy..
    Half-dome looks very beautiful.. I get scared even looking at people rafting.. havent tried so far and no courage to try 😀

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