Zzzzzzzzzz Baby Zzzzzzzzz….

Dear Abhi and Achu,

When you grow up you will know that sleep is the most precious thing. So precious that some of us adults, like me, experience it so rarely. In fact, I don’t remember when was the last time I slept sound. And I bring up this point with you, now, because of your sleep cycles. As eight week old babies, you have the wonderful gift of sleeping whenever you want and as long as you want. When everyone I know told me that for the first few months babies don’t do anything except sleeping, they were not talking about you two. Coz you two do anything but sleeping. Like Pati says you must sleep well to grow. I don’t buy everything Pati says. (But we must pretend that we do, otherwise we all will be in deep trouble). But here she has a point. Did you know that when you sleep I will get some time to do things that I want have to? Take for example, now. While writing this, you both have interrupted me three times, so far. How am I supposed to get things done this way?  And despite us rocking you two to sleep every time, you wake up every few minutes. Are we to blame when the music stops playing on the swing? Sigh. Let me also tell you that as little babies, you don’t have to stay up until 12 o clock to watch late night shows. You still have a lot of time before you can do that. So I demand that you two…

1. Sleep through out the night. Night for you begins at 9 pm. And sleep until 9 am. Because morning sleep is so precious to mommy.

2. No more waking up every few minutes. In case you do wake up look at the time and go back to sleep, also make sure you change your diaper. (Don’t worry about disposing the soiled one. What’s mommy for?)

3. If you need milk in the middle of night, wake up mommy gently. No more crying out loud. She like all the songs on her iPod. Pick one and sing it for her. And you need to wait until I get you milk. Mommy is sleep walking and she needs to first remember that this is not a dream and she is a mom now.

4. Seriously no spitting on your dresses. You see, mommy plans to save your clothes so that years from now she can look at them and remember how small and cute you two were. But if you just keep spitting on these think about what she is going to see years from now.

5. And no more of evil twin plans to wake up exactly one after the other. Also applies to your idea of one waking up the moment the other one finally sleeps.

6. If you decide to stare at the light at 3 in the morning, you may do so. Just turn it off when you are done. Also fyi, light on dad’s side of bed is better to look at.

7. On some nights, dad and mom are going to be out, you both need to take care of Pati and make sure she doesn’t watch too much of TV.

Now, now! Don’t you think  I am too strict about all this. Just to let you know I will give you my full support when you want to shriek at daddy’s snoring. You see, it bothers me as much it bothers you. So, if you want to take this matter into your hand and wake daddy up every time he snores, I am with you.

So as I said you both need to fulfill all these at once or else, or else I will just write another post and vent my anger. 😦


4 thoughts on “Zzzzzzzzzz Baby Zzzzzzzzz….

  1. I so agree with you on that everyone around keeps saying new-born babies sleep most of the time. But, I never saw my little baby sleep more than 12 hours as an infant and more than 8 to 10 hours as a one year old 😦

    As far the light, have a very small colorful light fitted in your room for night time. Babies sleep better with a minimal of light around as compared to total darkness.

    Hugs dear and lots of love to the little darlings 🙂

    1. Glad to find out my babies are not alone 🙂 I think last week Abhi just slept for less than 8 hours. Sigh.

      We do have a light in the bedroom, mom insists babies are going to be scared, 🙂 But thanks for the tip.

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