Our Precious Little Moments.. So Far…

Our pediatrician’s office reminded us that Abhi and Achu need to get their hip ultrasound done soon as they were both born breech. As if the tests during pregnancy and the tests now aren’t enough, Murali is designing new tests as well.

One is called Grinder test. As I heard, some kid in the family is scared of mixer grinders. So Murali turns on the grinder when Abhi and Achu were awake. Twins passed the test aka they didn’t cry at the mixie’s noise. My brave ones..:) or maybe we should get their ears tested first. 🙂

Other one is the chin test. One morning he clicks all our pictures to compare and see whose chins theirs are like. He concluded the chins are like mine. I would explain more if I understood the theory myself. And as long as he said theirs look like mine..do I need an explanation? 🙂


Ever since we shared the pictures with our extended families, every one is saying babies look like some one on their side. My uncles from mom’s side claimed Abhi and Achu’s nose and chin (which is also same as mine and hence supporting Murali’s chin test results). Every one on Murali’s side says twins look like Murali or some one on their side.


Doesn’t matter if Abhi is only weeks old, he is already being trained by his dad. Ask Abhi to show his hand and he will; As soon as he decides to lift one of his hands, that is. Murali then took it the next level asking Abhi who Abhi is. Abhi lifts his hand again. 🙂 Remember that old joke about a goat answering the question – What’s the month after April or what’s the month before June. 🙂


It  was 12 am. Achu was keeping us all awake and was showing no signs of going to sleep. She was being moved from one hand to another to see if one of us can succeed in making her sleep. When it was my mom’s turn to try make Achu sleep, Achu playingly put her fist to her ear as if she was on phone. Mom immediately talks like Achu is talking and says “Hello … Overlake Hospital…I am just weeks old baby…but cant sleep at all…I wanted to ask if you guys delivered me correctly…”. 🙂 I guess Achu hasn’t heard back yet.


Abhi and Achu had their first dine out last week (Of course they didn’t get to eat any) – At Restaurant Nirvana. My precious twins slept through out the evening and even let us sleep well that night. Well trained…I tell you..


Our house now sounds like some raj mahal (on a related note, looks like a storage dump). No matter which room you walk into baby swings in the room are playing music to keep the twins sleeping. And what’s tough? these swings automatically shut down music after every 15 minutes. Achu lets out a squeak each time yelling at us – “Who turned the music off”. So each time some one is seen running into the bedrooms to turn the music on and keep the twins from waking up. I am trying to hire few violinists to stand next to their swings all the time. I am pretty sure that’s what my twins want.


Murali and I watched last week the new Batman –  Dark Knight rises movie in theatre. That’s right; in theatre; after our twins were born. I left Abhi and Achu with my parents. And I have in no way felt guilty about leaving them at home. In fact each time I left them with some one at home…I didn’t feel I was doing anything wrong (May be I am not mom enough…).Coming back to movie, I loved it so much that it has become my all time favorite. You see in the last year and half this was the only thrilling thing I did that didn’t concern my pregnancy or my twins. And I have to say that my pregnancy paralyzed body loved the Cat Woman so much; her stunts especially. Wish I could. At least get me the Batpod, will ya?


P.s – If only baby girls clothes were free, I would dress up Achu in a new dress every hour. 🙂

P.p.s –  I got promoted at work. 🙂 Yayyy….


9 thoughts on “Our Precious Little Moments.. So Far…

  1. Grinder test! 🙂 I watched the first-day last-show of The Dark Knight Rises and loved every bit of it though my favorite movie would still be Batman Begins. You want Batpod? Ask Nolan to get one for you, no? 😀

  2. Congratulations on the promotion 🙂
    What an adorable post….wow! at Abhi already responding to recognizing things 🙂
    😆 @ the grinder test
    Tight hugs and lots of love to the little darlings 😀

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