How it all began

Don’t worry…I am not going to write all the details. Just that, like every other couple, we took a HPT (In preggo lingo, that stands for Home Pregnancy Test). Of course, I was asked to wait until Dec 9th’s blood test, but seriously who would. And when it showed positive, we were a happy couple. But if you thought pregnancy was just a positive HPT and then a baby 9 months later, you are so mistaken (At least in my case, it isn’t this simple). So blood test that followed did confirm the pregnancy and the clinic gave us the HCG levels. That’s the amount of pregnancy hormones in me. And this level is supposed to rise in couple of days, so second blood test is what would confirm my pregnancy. And then began my first round of tensions. Would the level rise or not? Okay it did. We were happy. Like an idle brain, pregnant brain is also not a good thing to have. Given something like my brain, which would worry about everything (And don’t get me wrong about worrying on everything, if you knew my history, you would be more worried), my next worry was why I wasn’t having morning sickness. I was so worried about not throwing up that when I actually threw up, I was looking at myself in the mirror and laughing.

I was one of those people who was actually happy about having morning sickness. I religiously compared online all of my symptoms with other’s symptoms. Googled all my symptoms to make sure I was still pregnant. I liked being nauseous because that meant I was still pregnant and of course, I was still worried about what was going to happen next. And then it happened next. The real scare.

Its not easy when you think you miscarried. Its the loss of the baby you haven’t even seen. I cried my eyes out. Like I did something wrong. Like I wouldn’t be pregnant again. It was just something unbearable. We walked into that Emergency Room on Christmas night, I was so sure it was all over and literally was just waiting for confirmation on bad news. (Again, don’t get me wrong, its my horrible history that made me this negative about getting pregnant). And two hours later, while performing the ultrasound, sonographer types these little words on the screen, Baby B. I knew what that meant. But that didn’t mean the baby had a heart beat. Another hour of suspense, worry and sadness; then ER doctor looks at the sonographers report, and says – There are two babies in there. And that’s how we came to know we were having twins. And that also happens to be the time I decided to take things a little easy. Not everything ends the way it did before. Sometimes good things do happen.

A ton of ultrasounds, Heart Echo Test, Diabetes test, Blood tests, Non stress tests and 50 pounds of weight gain later, I delivered my twins via c-section on July 24th. Abhi was born first at 8:00 am and Achu at 8:01. Both in good health, good weight and to everyone’s surprise, with lots of hair. 🙂

As I write this, Abhi is sleeping right next to me. He fell asleep right after his bath, so he is only wrapped tight in his blanket. And as I remember my pregnancy while watch him asleep, I love them even more and say yes, they are worth everything I went through. Now, lets wait till they drive me crazy running around the house. Lets see what I will say then. 🙂


12 thoughts on “How it all began

  1. OMGggggggg I’m doubly glad lady…1 for you are back and other for this fantastic news here 🙂 Congratulations sweetheart….warm hugs to the little ones 🙂

    Have a happy motherhood !

    1. Thanks very much. Glad to be back. And great to have you back here. Was looking for your old blog. But got it now. 🙂

  2. Wow! Double trouble! Congratulations, super happy for you. God bless the two little ones and may they always stay in good health. Do take care of yourself in all the taking care of them OK! Love

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