Two Little Sensations….

And hello to all again…If anyone is still watching this space, that is. Well, my original come back post here was supposed to be the best one, one can ever write. But I am too tired to even try that or even think about it. You want a reason? I will give you two. The two new little sensations in my life.  Until six weeks ago, they went by the names Baby A and Baby B and now we call them Abhi and Achu, our boy/girl twins. 🙂

Now you can see why wasn’t I here, (Okay Okay…I wasn’t pregnant for an year and half…only the last nine months…but I was genuinely busy you know).

So anyway, now with the two little ones sleeping, I finally found time and forced myself to post here, because the times now are supposed to be a memory forever and I don’t want to forget even a moment.

Okay..gotto go now…Have a diaper or two to change…

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