The Prankensteins….

After Murali and I got engaged, he was to leave for US on the same evening. So Dad and I went to the airport to send him off. For some reason, Murali’s flight to Delhi got delayed by some 2 hours. Being newly engaged, Murali and I decided to camp at the airport until his take-off time. Giving us some privacy, dad went home alone. When he reached home, here is what he did.

Mom probably waited for few minutes for me to come home after Dad, knowing that I have a lot of things to do while walking those 3 floors up..

Mom: Where is Dil?

Dad: Hmm..

Mom: What? Where is she?

Dad: Looks like the boy’s flight (Yes.. that time he was just called boy 🙂 ) from Delhi to US is delayed for the night. So Dil also went to Delhi with him. She will take tomorrow morning’s flight back to Hyderabad.

Mom: What? She left already ?

Dad: Hmm… (Imagine Raj Kapoor’s sad face here…)

Poor mom. She bought everything dad said. Sas-Bahu-Serial impacted Mom couldn’t hold it a moment. Yet, she had to act bravely. After all, if the daughter left her without even saying good-bye and without even telling her that she was going to Delhi, why should she cry? So she was feeling really bad, yet didn’t say a word out. And the Prankenstein Dad was sitting in the corner, calmly reading the newspaper without letting a clue out.

After three hours, saying good-bye to Murali, I came home. Mom opened the door. And when she saw me, for a second, she was confused, not knowing how come I was back so early. A moment later, she realized that this was one of my dad’s pranks, she laughed out loud. When dad filled me in on what he did, I couldn’t control myself. We three laughed and laughed non-stop.

Of course, the next two weeks, my dad and I attacked mom on the fact that she didn’t trust her daughter.  She had to endure our torture for a longer time, actually. Even now, when I say something and she doesn’t believe, I say, “Anyway, you never trusted your daughter. Remember that time, when Dad told you that I left you without even saying goodbye and you believed him…”. LOL. Poor mom.

That’s how my dad is. No matter how many pranks he plays, mom always falls for him. 🙂

And somebody had to take the Prank torch from him. Right? I did. Well, I am not as good as him, but I do try. 🙂

My mom is also the ultimate home-maker type. When she buys something, she would bargain for the last penny. If she spent money on something, she will expect it to work 100%.  Once she got a leaking brass pot repaired. The guy who fixed the leak did a decent job. But mom wouldn’t believe until she saw for herself. After giving the guy a hundred warnings that she will come back to the store if the leak wasnt fixed, she decided to put the pot to test.

She filled up the pot with water and left it in a corner. Her idea was that if it was still leaking, there would be water around the pot. She also decided to check on it every few minutes. Enter me. Right before the (few-1) minutes, I would sneak to this corner, open up a nearby tap and spill some water around the pot. And when mom came she would see the water and assume that leak is not fixed yet. 🙂 Mom would walk to corner, see the water around the pot and start complaining that nobody offers quality service…etc..etc… We did this couple of times. It was getting damn funnier. I actually wanted her to go to the store again and complain that pot wasnt fixed, but she finally caught me spilling water. And my act was complete. Thank God she laughed instead of putting me to another kind of insanity test, but she did make sure she does a new test on the utensil for confirmation, of course, when I was not around. 🙂 One thing I don’t understand now is when she knew the pot was still leaking, why did she need to check on it again? Maybe she was trying to find out how big the hole was. I don’t know.

Huh. I miss all these pranks. But on the brighter side, when I visit India…I can pass on the knowledge to Kousik. I am sure he will add his own touch. 🙂


44 thoughts on “The Prankensteins….

  1. 🙂 he he he That is pure evil now … poor mom saara time she looks after you, feeds you and all the hosue work and yet she get pranked upon tch tch tch tch tch tch …

    he he he i am just kidding seems like a nice jovial happy family…

    Loved the jokes now i get a hint of two and play it thanks for the ideas any more bring them on 🙂


  2. So you are a prankster, haan? Bad, bad you 😀 Moms are the best! That’s why we can get away with all our pranks 🙂 I could never find my stuff in the house without mom’s help so sometimes I used to deliberately nag her 😀

    1. Yes I am 🙂 Hey.>When did I say that they are not the best….Sometimes you have to pay them back for helping you with finding things right…We do so by making her center piece of our pranks 😀

  3. What’s wrong with all of you .. amking nostalgic and crave home this diwali season 😛 ..

    Pssst: though am smiling rememebering all the pranks we do at home 🙂

    I loved your dad’s sad expression 😉 😉 … wow!!!

  4. 😆 😆 you are one naughty lass and a perfect team with your dad 😉
    Loved the way you’ve said probably she’d been trying to find how big the hole was 😆 😆
    Can’t wait to read more of those awesome family laughter moments 😛

  5. Evil you and evil your dad.. 😛 😛
    but we all did this to each other at home, all 4 of us on 4 of us… and we all fell pray to each other and it was so much fun… 😀 😀 😀

    you are coming to Hyd in Dec… ahaa.. 🙂

    ya, I’m not in Hyd any more!! 😦 but I may visit soon.. )

    So many blog friends to catch up with…. lazy me!! 😛

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