Hey You..Yes you irritating house fly. How dare you? First of all, you enter my house without my permission. Secondly, you show no sign of remorse for doing so. And as if that was not enough, you continue to irritate me by flying around me, no matter where I go. You fly around so cautiously, I couldn’t even kill you. But then how was I able to almost catch you on camera. I bet you slowed to get clicked. Didn’t you? If I am talking to you like this, you should have understood by now that I am not even that sweet. So, why? Get out of here. Alright! You wont. I know. But listen to this, no matter how long you do that, I am not going to get up from here without saying what I wanted to.

Soooo…Hello folks…what I actually want to say first is that…finally…it paid off. Our moving here. One of the two ideas of us moving all the way from bay area (Miss you sweets..miss you..*A heavy emotional hug*) to this rainy land is that Murali can go to school. That is to do MBA. His dream; To go to a good school to do MBA. He got admitted to University Of Washington after we moved here. And poor thing, he patiently waited for his school to start. And now, it has. Things began kicking-in in the end of september and now he is officially super busy. I heard that classes, projects etc. can get pretty hectic and now I am seeing it. First week of classes and he already had assignments to finish. Last Sunday, he slept at 2 am and woke up at 6 am. Sigh. (Oh, btw, I was sleeping all the time, as if I am the one who is doing all the assignments.) I guess his schedule will pretty much be the same for the next two years. The last two weekends, he spent time preparing for his classes all the time and I spent my time wondering what should I do to make my weekends productive. You see, planning is very important. Especially, when you need to plan for two years. So, that being said, let us move on to what I wanted to say next. Oh, btw, Good luck Murali….Hamara naam roshan karo…:)

Just when I wanted to make my weekends productive, weather changed completely. It is now raining. Not that it wasnt earlier, but now the uncertainty of will it rain or not is gone. It is raining and raining. And I couldn’t find a better time than now to finish the scarf I was trying to make from last December. It was a bulky yarn and no pattern would suit it. Finally I managed to do a scarf out of it for Venna. As I was running out of yarn, I had to make it shorter than usual, but I am going to say that it is okay because she is just a kid. However, I did add a little something to make her forget about the length. Venna is all girly and she would love the extra color and jingles. I cant wait to see her wear the scarf.








































And today, while I was trying my best not to disturb Murali, I started drawing a small smiley on a balloon for him and finally ended up drawing this. This, my friends, will come to know in the future as the first of my famous art. So order your copies today. Note: No funny comments on the picture will be accepted. You just have to say its awesome. Because it happens to be the first one that is decent enough to be displayed. 🙂

There you go. I wrote it all. Now, I have to get back to the fly. Where is it?


30 thoughts on “Flying…Raining…Boring…

    1. okay now about your post:

      Murali going to MBA school: YAY..good luck to him and you too sweetie…

      You missing bay area: Aww..I know that feeling but alls well that ends for good,right ? HUGS

      Scarf: Looks awesome..especially the colour is gorgeous 🙂 I’m sure Venna is going to love it 🙂

      And your profile picture is awesome 😛 happy ? No,I mean really it’s cute 🙂 So much so that I tried to make one for myself using Paint Apps 🙂

  1. Here’s ordering one copy for me too 😛 😛 Err that scarf I mean 😉 😉

    Nt bcoz u asked us to say it, but its really cute – am talking abt the profile pic this time 😀

  2. Cute cartoon and very pretty scarf 😛 😛
    Best wishes to Murali and you 🙂
    Once you’ve got the fly captured/murdered please rush to my place to murder her twin, she’s been around my lounge for good ten days now 😦 😦

  3. Good luck to Murali and you.

    The scarf is so cute.. please post some more projects so that I’ll get inspired to start knitting again. 🙂

    Profile pic is really cute too 🙂

    1. Thanks TM. Yes you should get back to it. Although I should be little more careful while choosing yarn. Because of the bulky wait, no pattern would suit and finally I had to do something..

  4. All the best to Murali 🙂 He’ll sure come out with flying colors 😀 but I’m daunted to know that one has so much to study with assignments, projects and all that 😦 Anyway, the doodle is so lovely! Book my copy now, please? 😀

  5. Hey ,, first timer here … hopped in from Comfy’s … Firstly … boo to the fly and yay to the profile pic and name … a hatke name and a classy pic .. u should add a Guicci or a Fendi bag .. it’ll be lapped up by the new york art conseuiners 😉 😉

    And yes same pinch on the layout 😉 😉 .. did that hurt 😉 😳

    And nice scarf! I can knit, but no crochet 😦
    All the best to Murali for his MBA! My two years were the funnest ever! Sigh!

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