Its Time

It is time. Its time to remind people that I exist in this world, although on the other side of the world. Its time to see the familiar faces that have waited for me, for a long time now. Its time to see the little one, now nick named Poori-Boy; Its time to really see how much he likes pooris that the mere mention of the word gets him to do all of his homework. Its time to show him that I am just not a Santa who sends him chocolates. Its time to face the big question from every person,”Kids????” (The question takes a new form when asked in person. Isn’t it?) Also, it is time to experience the frantic traffic that my dad keeps complaining about.

And that time is a trip to home. Coming up, during December, almost all of the month.

I can hardly wait after I booked my tickets today. Mom is already planning on what she will be cooking for me. Sis already slipped me a note offline that Poori-Boy will be busy with his exams and I can’t disturb him. 🙂 (He is Five; How important his exams could be? Besides, who else am I going to teach the teeny-tiny pranks I know.) Dad, however, has asked me not to plan any trips to places than Hyderabad. He has a point; So I have asked my friends from Bangalore to come over. I hope they do. Thankfully, most of my other friends are still in Hyderabad. I just hope I would have wonderful time with them, making those trips to shopping, movie theatres, restaurants etc. I am also super excited to take my mom shopping. She loves it, when I buy her sarees. 🙂 Especially, when she proudly exhibits our shopping bags to dad, who is equally happy too, but for some reason, says nobody should shop for clothes, but only for stocks. And mom starts rolling her eyes in the background. :).

62 days to go. I can hardly wait.



21 thoughts on “Its Time

  1. India calling 🙂 Super excited you must be. Welcome to the country in advance DoTR 😀 These 62 days will pass real fast.

  2. Hi girl!Sorry I have been a little scarce around blogville 🙂 you’re coming to India-that’s great news!Enjoy your stay.And if I were you,I’d tear Poori-boy away from his books. Bah.He has 20 odd more years to slog 😛 but that’s just me 😉

    1. Counting is only on the weekend. Work life + xx days to go = Me crying. So I better not guess the days yet. 🙂
      Thanks I hope so too. I am definitely going to take some food with me this time .:) Atleast for revenge..

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