The Prankensteins….

After Murali and I got engaged, he was to leave for US on the same evening. So Dad and I went to the airport to send him off. For some reason, Murali’s flight to Delhi got delayed by some 2 hours. Being newly engaged, Murali and I decided to camp at the airport until his take-off time. Giving us some privacy, dad went home alone. When he reached home, here is what he did.

Mom probably waited for few minutes for me to come home after Dad, knowing that I have a lot of things to do while walking those 3 floors up..

Mom: Where is Dil?

Dad: Hmm..

Mom: What? Where is she?

Dad: Looks like the boy’s flight (Yes.. that time he was just called boy 🙂 ) from Delhi to US is delayed for the night. So Dil also went to Delhi with him. She will take tomorrow morning’s flight back to Hyderabad.

Mom: What? She left already ?

Dad: Hmm… (Imagine Raj Kapoor’s sad face here…)

Poor mom. She bought everything dad said. Sas-Bahu-Serial impacted Mom couldn’t hold it a moment. Yet, she had to act bravely. After all, if the daughter left her without even saying good-bye and without even telling her that she was going to Delhi, why should she cry? So she was feeling really bad, yet didn’t say a word out. And the Prankenstein Dad was sitting in the corner, calmly reading the newspaper without letting a clue out.

After three hours, saying good-bye to Murali, I came home. Mom opened the door. And when she saw me, for a second, she was confused, not knowing how come I was back so early. A moment later, she realized that this was one of my dad’s pranks, she laughed out loud. When dad filled me in on what he did, I couldn’t control myself. We three laughed and laughed non-stop.

Of course, the next two weeks, my dad and I attacked mom on the fact that she didn’t trust her daughter.  She had to endure our torture for a longer time, actually. Even now, when I say something and she doesn’t believe, I say, “Anyway, you never trusted your daughter. Remember that time, when Dad told you that I left you without even saying goodbye and you believed him…”. LOL. Poor mom.

That’s how my dad is. No matter how many pranks he plays, mom always falls for him. 🙂

And somebody had to take the Prank torch from him. Right? I did. Well, I am not as good as him, but I do try. 🙂

My mom is also the ultimate home-maker type. When she buys something, she would bargain for the last penny. If she spent money on something, she will expect it to work 100%.  Once she got a leaking brass pot repaired. The guy who fixed the leak did a decent job. But mom wouldn’t believe until she saw for herself. After giving the guy a hundred warnings that she will come back to the store if the leak wasnt fixed, she decided to put the pot to test.

She filled up the pot with water and left it in a corner. Her idea was that if it was still leaking, there would be water around the pot. She also decided to check on it every few minutes. Enter me. Right before the (few-1) minutes, I would sneak to this corner, open up a nearby tap and spill some water around the pot. And when mom came she would see the water and assume that leak is not fixed yet. 🙂 Mom would walk to corner, see the water around the pot and start complaining that nobody offers quality service…etc..etc… We did this couple of times. It was getting damn funnier. I actually wanted her to go to the store again and complain that pot wasnt fixed, but she finally caught me spilling water. And my act was complete. Thank God she laughed instead of putting me to another kind of insanity test, but she did make sure she does a new test on the utensil for confirmation, of course, when I was not around. 🙂 One thing I don’t understand now is when she knew the pot was still leaking, why did she need to check on it again? Maybe she was trying to find out how big the hole was. I don’t know.

Huh. I miss all these pranks. But on the brighter side, when I visit India…I can pass on the knowledge to Kousik. I am sure he will add his own touch. 🙂


Fall Is Here…

And each time the word ‘Fall’ is uttered in a group, people cannot help but go gaga over how beautiful it is. Alright. Alright. It’s pretty. I agree. Before I click some pictures and upload them here and before you guys say the same, I am uploading fall pictures from last year. That is, fall pictures from California. Yes. I want you guys to like My California better than not-so-my Washington.

Last year, even though we wanted to, we couldn’t go visit all the fall colors at those famous scenic drives. So all these pictures are from our home sweet home in Sunnyvale.

When my parents were here, the leaves just started changing colors. But mom and dad had to leave before the change was complete. Until today, this transition is so amusing to my dad. He keeps asking, each day, how much the leaves have changed. And we would update him saying that they are 10% red, half yellow, like mom’s that maroon saree etc. 🙂 They would have loved it very much if they could see the real fall.

Meanwhile, our apartments turned prettier day by day. Leaves all over the place. Beautiful combinations of colors.

Ahh..I feel so nostalgic looking at these pictures. My mom, dad and my aunt used to go walking, shopping around our place. By the time I come home, they would tell me all their day activities. They even discovered a Murphy park behind our house. That park is still my favourite. Only because when I remember it, I remember my parents being there. After my parents left for India, my aunt was still with us. Poor thing, she was so bored after they left. I can’t forget her complaining about her boredom, the cold weather; All this while enjoying the pretty colors. 🙂 

One day when I came home from work,  the trio so proudly exhibited this plant to me. They said they plucked the pudina leaves from some where and re-planted it. 🙂 Given how much they loves gardening, I wasn’t surprised to see the plant growing up very well.  And all of this in a yogurt container.

Miss you lots people. Can’t wait to see you all in December and hear your awesome stories about everything. 🙂

Wait. How did I come here? Wasn’t I talking about Fall? Sigh. Can’t help folks. 🙂

Okay then. I will leave you guys with more pictures. Wait for Washington fall pictures, which, btw, may not be as memorable as the earlier fall pictures to me. But definitely pretty. I agree 😀

A Happy World

33 men…69 days…All rescued from the chile mine. Did you guys realize that this is one happy incident where nothing went wrong and everything was a happy ending?

Meaning “All 33 of us are fine in the shelter”

We are already in a dearth of good news in this world. So before any body from media starts pointing anything wrong about this, I am going to say I am happy for this one happy event.


Hey You..Yes you irritating house fly. How dare you? First of all, you enter my house without my permission. Secondly, you show no sign of remorse for doing so. And as if that was not enough, you continue to irritate me by flying around me, no matter where I go. You fly around so cautiously, I couldn’t even kill you. But then how was I able to almost catch you on camera. I bet you slowed to get clicked. Didn’t you? If I am talking to you like this, you should have understood by now that I am not even that sweet. So, why? Get out of here. Alright! You wont. I know. But listen to this, no matter how long you do that, I am not going to get up from here without saying what I wanted to.

Soooo…Hello folks…what I actually want to say first is that…finally…it paid off. Our moving here. One of the two ideas of us moving all the way from bay area (Miss you sweets..miss you..*A heavy emotional hug*) to this rainy land is that Murali can go to school. That is to do MBA. His dream; To go to a good school to do MBA. He got admitted to University Of Washington after we moved here. And poor thing, he patiently waited for his school to start. And now, it has. Things began kicking-in in the end of september and now he is officially super busy. I heard that classes, projects etc. can get pretty hectic and now I am seeing it. First week of classes and he already had assignments to finish. Last Sunday, he slept at 2 am and woke up at 6 am. Sigh. (Oh, btw, I was sleeping all the time, as if I am the one who is doing all the assignments.) I guess his schedule will pretty much be the same for the next two years. The last two weekends, he spent time preparing for his classes all the time and I spent my time wondering what should I do to make my weekends productive. You see, planning is very important. Especially, when you need to plan for two years. So, that being said, let us move on to what I wanted to say next. Oh, btw, Good luck Murali….Hamara naam roshan karo…:)

Just when I wanted to make my weekends productive, weather changed completely. It is now raining. Not that it wasnt earlier, but now the uncertainty of will it rain or not is gone. It is raining and raining. And I couldn’t find a better time than now to finish the scarf I was trying to make from last December. It was a bulky yarn and no pattern would suit it. Finally I managed to do a scarf out of it for Venna. As I was running out of yarn, I had to make it shorter than usual, but I am going to say that it is okay because she is just a kid. However, I did add a little something to make her forget about the length. Venna is all girly and she would love the extra color and jingles. I cant wait to see her wear the scarf.








































And today, while I was trying my best not to disturb Murali, I started drawing a small smiley on a balloon for him and finally ended up drawing this. This, my friends, will come to know in the future as the first of my famous art. So order your copies today. Note: No funny comments on the picture will be accepted. You just have to say its awesome. Because it happens to be the first one that is decent enough to be displayed. 🙂

There you go. I wrote it all. Now, I have to get back to the fly. Where is it?

Its Time

It is time. Its time to remind people that I exist in this world, although on the other side of the world. Its time to see the familiar faces that have waited for me, for a long time now. Its time to see the little one, now nick named Poori-Boy; Its time to really see how much he likes pooris that the mere mention of the word gets him to do all of his homework. Its time to show him that I am just not a Santa who sends him chocolates. Its time to face the big question from every person,”Kids????” (The question takes a new form when asked in person. Isn’t it?) Also, it is time to experience the frantic traffic that my dad keeps complaining about.

And that time is a trip to home. Coming up, during December, almost all of the month.

I can hardly wait after I booked my tickets today. Mom is already planning on what she will be cooking for me. Sis already slipped me a note offline that Poori-Boy will be busy with his exams and I can’t disturb him. 🙂 (He is Five; How important his exams could be? Besides, who else am I going to teach the teeny-tiny pranks I know.) Dad, however, has asked me not to plan any trips to places than Hyderabad. He has a point; So I have asked my friends from Bangalore to come over. I hope they do. Thankfully, most of my other friends are still in Hyderabad. I just hope I would have wonderful time with them, making those trips to shopping, movie theatres, restaurants etc. I am also super excited to take my mom shopping. She loves it, when I buy her sarees. 🙂 Especially, when she proudly exhibits our shopping bags to dad, who is equally happy too, but for some reason, says nobody should shop for clothes, but only for stocks. And mom starts rolling her eyes in the background. :).

62 days to go. I can hardly wait.