Appy Appy Bday!

<Sad Post Alert….>

Birthdays are so overrated. Especially when you are not turning 24 (Yeah. Turning 24 is better to me than turning 18). Of all the years of my life, my undergrad birthdays and those while I was working in India are the only best ones. I cannot recollect most of my childhood birthdays and its been a while I looked at any of those pictures. Apart from these, all my birthdays are very silent. They are nothing better than a normal day; probably a new dress and a quiet dinner. This, however, didn’t stop me from dreaming. After all, if there is an eternal optimist society, I could be a grand member of it. So, each years birthday ends with the hope of having a great birthday next time. (yeah, yeah, I am thinking surprise parties, everybody calling me, wishing me, with friends, movie, dinner, gifts, loads and loads of fun, laughing out loud, a day in Disneyland with non-stop chatter and laughs and etc. )

So what happened today? Two of my best friends I was expecting to wish me didn’t wish; Nobody in the office knew about my bday; I walked to office alone in the cold weather; Had another unproductive work day; And still stayed at work until 6:30,that too on a Friday evening; And now I am here writing this and watching some stupid show on TV. And that’s it; Birthday celebrations are over. 😦

Today, I have to recollect my best birthday moments, otherwise, this time, I don’t think I will hope for a better one next time.

My first teen birthday, our phone wouldn’t stop ringing. When I had friends over for a party, we talked and talked and talked. All my friends were there and all of them got me gifts :). 3 or 4 hours of masti time. I spent the next couple of days looking at the personal notes my friends wrote on the gifts. Of course that time, I didn’t have the after and before birthday celebration idea. But when I started working, my friends at work made up this idea. So those 3 years, I almost celebrated my birthday 9 times. :). But the best among those 9 was the one when they all brought me small gifts. Took me to a small restaurant near office and each of them started popping up a present. That was so cute. The minute I thought I got all the gifts, another one would give me a present. Not expensive gifts though, but very nice ones. My all-time favourite Jurassic Park: The Lost world DVD was also a part of the package. Oh, I almost forgot. They also got me another new dress and made me change in the office wash room. 🙂 Interestingly, most of the people at work noticed that I was wearing a different dress than in the morning and then I had to tell  them (if they didn’t know already) that it was my birthday. And then there were many more ‘Happy Bday’ wishes.

Hmm…I guess my expectations will stay the same. But, I don’t even want a bday like the earlier ones, but something better than a quiet birthday. I don’t want to be treated like a princess or etc, but I just want to laugh. But I know, when my daughters are here, they will. I will make sure their birthdays are the best day of their year. I swear.



23 thoughts on “Appy Appy Bday!

  1. Aww was your birthday last Friday?? You should have let the blog world know..we would all work together to make it special.. That is the amazing thing about this virtual world of blogging.

    Hope you have an amazing year ahead.. hugs..

  2. Oye, it was your birthday last Friday, and you didn’t tell us? Anyway, wish you a belated happy birthday. May all your dreams come true this year, and here is wishing for an awesome bday celebration the next year 😀

  3. I knew your b’day was around but you didn’t let us know the day 😦 Anyway, why a sad, nostalgic post? Cheer up 😀 Here wishing you a (belated) happy birthday! 😀 Have an awesome year. Cheers! 😀

  4. A Very Happy B’day to you DOR !! Not saying belated because I got to know today and hence or me it’s TODAY 🙂

    So have a great great year ahead and stay smiling 🙂 Have fun..every day is worth celebrating 🙂

  5. Arrre.. u should have given us notice 😀 and we would have made it a a grand one… 😀

    Happpy B’day to you…lalalalallalala Happy B’day to you…Happpy B’day to dear DOTR 🙂 Mayyy you have many more….. Happy Bday to you (Me singing…seee 🙂 )

    God Bless… always & all-ways 🙂

    & yes… here’s a piece of cake too 😀

  6. Awww sweety, you know what, maybe all the times you’d feel gloomy for the whole year was replaced by this one day 🙂

    Here’s wishing your year to be full of pleasant surprises and celebrations, joys and merry!

    Happy birthday 🙂

  7. Oh ho!

    Happy birthday girl :)! We are all there na, to wish! I know though , birthdays are no longer a big deal, but then come on, there are soooo many other celebrations now, so chalega na?

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