Memorable Weekend

♥ Because I heard Monday is off! Yeah, yeah I know I have to be back to work on Tuesday, but I heard that monday is off!!!

♥ Because I heard  a set of ‘wow’, ‘very good’, ‘nice’ from my mom and my aunt (who has even increased the probability of her visiting me).

♥ Because we cooked two sabjis, pulihora, sambar, two appetizers and two desserts in one evening and managed to come out of the kitchen without any traces of soot on the face. And the best thing is feeling good after cooking. Oh boy, when was the last time that happened?

♥ Because the pleasantly surprising sight of a clean kitchen after so much of cooking, lots of visitors, things moving all over the place is perfect (Thank you-know-who).

♥ Because cascade loop scenic drive is really a scenic drive and eating a so-called one scoop ice cream that is as big as a three scoop ice cream is heavenly.

♥ Because it is exciting to be getting down to see a waterfall, but instead getting scared on seeing the ground some 200 ft below your feet through the bridge gaps.

♥ Because it feels very happy to sing along “Phoolon Ke Rang Se Dil Ki Kalam Se…” with every one in the car.

♥ Because it is surprising to drive some 200 miles to a place called Winthrop, only to find that it is a two lane old cow-boy styled town.

♥ Because it is funny to pick on one large scoop of ice cream all day and bring it into the conversation every time.

♥ Because it is comforting to come back at 11 in the night and have food ready to eat.

♥ Because the cloudy and rainy Sunday is a perfect reason to stay home and play “Apples To Apples” and perfect time to learn a new card game. (My first ever)

♥ Because it’s wonderful to sit together with friends and eat lunch, ice cream, almond swiss chocolate and have coffee in a row.

♥ Because Murali said,”If you are worrying now about going back to work tomorrow and not having fun there, you are missing the fun this moment”.


31 thoughts on “Memorable Weekend

  1. Because such weekends don’t come all the time, and it is good that you note every detail of it when they do 🙂
    Sounds like an awesome weekend DoTR!

  2. I remember the three scoop ice cream-called as 3 in 1- I used to have when I was a kid…and then how it changed to single scoop to keep that flab away-sigh !

    Nothing like coming back home late and dead tired and having to do nothing 🙂 specially while on the way you kept thinking about the to-dos !!

    I agree.. the life is in NOW which we often miss living in the worry of tomorrow 🙂

    1. I know what happened tp those happy 3 scoop icecream? Now most people dread the sight of it. 🙂

      Huh. Todos. I dont think we even get time to maintain the todo list. 😦

      Yep. Thats the saint Murali speaking. 🙂

  3. Nothing can be better than the news of Monday being off 😀 Apple to Apple! Which card game is this? And I totally agree with Murali’s quote. Why ruin the present by worrying for the future! Wishing you many more weekends like this!:-)

      1. Haha. See even you support Google. Bing! We define Bing recursively as Bing Is Not Google 😀 I think Google is shrewd and shamelessly copied some features from Bing (like image search, background image in the home page and left pane listing various options) but Google Instant have given them an quick edge over Bing 🙂 Though I think it has made search business a bit confusing with so much happening in a short time but for net-savvy people, it is very exciting 😀

  4. Aww it’s so nice of u to jot them down here. It will be so nice to get bk and read such posts again 🙂
    Fab weekend there! Here’s wishing u hv many more of these 🙂

    Because it is comforting to come back at 11 in the night and have food ready to eat. – Luv this one. So so true 🙂

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