What’s New ???

Okay, if you can’t live without knowing what is new, here is what is new. I wanted to take pictures while I was knitting this, but I didn’t. I also wanted to add more colors in between, but I didn’t.

Oh wait. Before you make some assumptions and ask me the obvious question, ‘No’. It’s for Shardul. He is not here to wear the hat and model it for my pictures, but, look, Ms. Little Kitty volunteered to model.

Oops. Well, She was too small for the hat. (Wait don’tΒ say that she was too ashamed to wear my hat 😦 ) And also, when they said practice makes everyone perfect, they were right. Here are some of the first hats I knit. Although, they can beΒ hardly called hats. They were expected to become one, they just didn’t. However, I absolutely loved this color and kept knitting. It did work out finally.

Again, if you have to know, here is miss highness endorsing the hat.


Β It could be a while before Shardul gets to wear this, until then, lucky Ms. Kitty can have it. Poor thing. Now she is worried about the modelling contract she signed with me. πŸ™‚


22 thoughts on “What’s New ???

  1. Sooo cute! This stuff is awesome DoTR! πŸ˜€ I only know basic knitting, and lovvve how awesome these completed pieces look! Very pretty!

      1. $2000! so expensive. That’s why only Miss Highness can afford them πŸ˜€ Anyway, the hat is very beautiful and so is Miss Highness πŸ™‚

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