Appy Appy Bday!

<Sad Post Alert….>

Birthdays are so overrated. Especially when you are not turning 24 (Yeah. Turning 24 is better to me than turning 18). Of all the years of my life, my undergrad birthdays and those while I was working in India are the only best ones. I cannot recollect most of my childhood birthdays and its been a while I looked at any of those pictures. Apart from these, all my birthdays are very silent. They are nothing better than a normal day; probably a new dress and a quiet dinner. This, however, didn’t stop me from dreaming. After all, if there is an eternal optimist society, I could be a grand member of it. So, each years birthday ends with the hope of having a great birthday next time. (yeah, yeah, I am thinking surprise parties, everybody calling me, wishing me, with friends, movie, dinner, gifts, loads and loads of fun, laughing out loud, a day in Disneyland with non-stop chatter and laughs and etc. )

So what happened today? Two of my best friends I was expecting to wish me didn’t wish; Nobody in the office knew about my bday; I walked to office alone in the cold weather; Had another unproductive work day; And still stayed at work until 6:30,that too on a Friday evening; And now I am here writing this and watching some stupid show on TV. And that’s it; Birthday celebrations are over. 😦

Today, I have to recollect my best birthday moments, otherwise, this time, I don’t think I will hope for a better one next time.

My first teen birthday, our phone wouldn’t stop ringing. When I had friends over for a party, we talked and talked and talked. All my friends were there and all of them got me gifts :). 3 or 4 hours of masti time. I spent the next couple of days looking at the personal notes my friends wrote on the gifts. Of course that time, I didn’t have the after and before birthday celebration idea. But when I started working, my friends at work made up this idea. So those 3 years, I almost celebrated my birthday 9 times. :). But the best among those 9 was the one when they all brought me small gifts. Took me to a small restaurant near office and each of them started popping up a present. That was so cute. The minute I thought I got all the gifts, another one would give me a present. Not expensive gifts though, but very nice ones. My all-time favourite Jurassic Park: The Lost world DVD was also a part of the package. Oh, I almost forgot. They also got me another new dress and made me change in the office wash room. 🙂 Interestingly, most of the people at work noticed that I was wearing a different dress than in the morning and then I had to tell  them (if they didn’t know already) that it was my birthday. And then there were many more ‘Happy Bday’ wishes.

Hmm…I guess my expectations will stay the same. But, I don’t even want a bday like the earlier ones, but something better than a quiet birthday. I don’t want to be treated like a princess or etc, but I just want to laugh. But I know, when my daughters are here, they will. I will make sure their birthdays are the best day of their year. I swear.



Morning Star Or Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Okay. I am trying to change. Trying to become a better person than I am now. There are multiple reasons behind why I want to get better, but that is not the point now. The point (and the problem at hand) is that all the bad habits I have, almost always boil down to my sleeping habits (at least according to my mom). Sleeping really late and waking up even late is part of my life. In the 3.5 years of our marriage, not once did I wake up before Murali. (okay, may be once or twice). But in my defense, here is why I dont do that..

   ♥ I love my morning sleep. That is the only time of the sleep when I actually sleep.

   ♥ If you are thinking all wives should rise and shine before the husbands do, is it fair to compare me to a human who is waiting for the clock to strike 6 so that he can get out of the bed?

   ♥ When I have kids, would they let me sleep? Or even worse, what if they are like Murali and wake up at 6?

   ♥ All of my beloved grandmas and grandpas complain that they can no longer sleep because they are old. If I am going to be one of them in future, why would I want to spoil my happy sleep now?

   ♥ What do I do waking up so early? (Okay! fine. This reason is no longer valid)

Anyway, never mind my reasons not to. Again, the problem here is how-to-wakeup. And so, like a normal aaj-kal-ka human, I binged “How to wake up early”. (Binged..Sheesh…I dont like the sound of it. 😦 ). And what I found was very uninteresting and stupid. For example,

   ♥ First stupid idea: Setting alarm and keeping the alarm far away from the bed. The idea is that one will wake up and go switch it off. Yeah. Sure! As if that is going to happen. Do you know what will happen…

             ♣ On the first day, I will get up, switch off the alarm and come back sleep. Just as in trance and like that alarm was far away for no reason.

             ♣ On the second day, Murali will get up, switch off the alarm and try wake me. Instead of me waking up, I would make him sleep again.

             ♣ On the third day, Murali will get up, switch off the alarm and keeping yesterday morning’s experience in mind, he would silently slip away from the bedroom.

             ♣ On the night before the fourth day, Murali will give me some silent-cold-killer looks and switch off the alarm and I just can’t care less.

             ♣ And for the rest of the days, I wouldn’t even remember that I was trying to wake up early.

   ♥ Second stupid idea: Get a friend to call you in the morning and keep talking until I wake up.

             ♣ Sounds good. But who is going to wake up this person? And where does he live? On Pandora?

             ♣ Instead of trying to help me get rid of one bad habit, are you asking me to develop another bad habit of talking before brushing? Yikes.

   ♥ Another stupid idea: Take a hot shower and cut the heat and blah blah and blah blah.

             ♣ Did you say a hot shower on a cold winter morning that would make me feel very warm and cozy and soothi…..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Now you get the point. Don’t you? These ideas are so superficial. Given that, I used my brain cells (in their most active time, i.e. night) and came up with a personalized plan to help one wake up in the morning.

  ♥ Have kids. I bet one won’t be sleeping a minute more than he or she can. Even better, follow this.

             ♣ Send your children to far far away schools (No matter how old they are)

             ♣ Make sure you spoil them so that they only eat exotic breakfasts, lunches and snacks.

             ♣ Even if your work place is close to your home, take a busy city bus/train, tour the city and then go to work. (It is important to stand in the bus/train)

  ♥ Get a nagging husband. Otherwise,

             Murali: Please wake up ra

             Me: Just  5 more minutes.

             Murali: (After 10 minutes) Please..You are getting late.

             Me: Just  2 more minutes.

             Murali: (After 10 minutes) Please…

             Me: Its late anyway. 10 more minutes.

           …… and the story continues.

  ♥ Get addicted to coffee. Why do you think Murali doesn’t wait a minute after he is awake to get out of the bed? To meet his best buddy. He goes by the name ‘Folgers Classic Roast’.

  ♥ Miss out on satisfying things in life. To wake up early, we got to sleep early, remember? That means no more reading blogs, writing on blog, no more commenting, no more.. etc. etc. etc.

  ♥ Follow the 90 minute sleep pattern cycle. Oh, btw, that means sleeping 90 minutes early. As we know that all the tv shows run for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes, this means that one might have to watch TV for at least 3 hours before going to bed. Isnt this idea better than the others?

  ♥ Devise a machine that will automatically throw you out of the bed at a certain time.

  ♥ Than eating a bit of yogurt or protein after waking up, drinking a little something before sleep has proven to solve many of the major problems. 🙂

Now,did you read all that? Tell me, is it worth it? Not you coffee lovers! But people like me. The Morning stars..because we sleep and let others sleep….

Memorable Weekend

♥ Because I heard Monday is off! Yeah, yeah I know I have to be back to work on Tuesday, but I heard that monday is off!!!

♥ Because I heard  a set of ‘wow’, ‘very good’, ‘nice’ from my mom and my aunt (who has even increased the probability of her visiting me).

♥ Because we cooked two sabjis, pulihora, sambar, two appetizers and two desserts in one evening and managed to come out of the kitchen without any traces of soot on the face. And the best thing is feeling good after cooking. Oh boy, when was the last time that happened?

♥ Because the pleasantly surprising sight of a clean kitchen after so much of cooking, lots of visitors, things moving all over the place is perfect (Thank you-know-who).

♥ Because cascade loop scenic drive is really a scenic drive and eating a so-called one scoop ice cream that is as big as a three scoop ice cream is heavenly.

♥ Because it is exciting to be getting down to see a waterfall, but instead getting scared on seeing the ground some 200 ft below your feet through the bridge gaps.

♥ Because it feels very happy to sing along “Phoolon Ke Rang Se Dil Ki Kalam Se…” with every one in the car.

♥ Because it is surprising to drive some 200 miles to a place called Winthrop, only to find that it is a two lane old cow-boy styled town.

♥ Because it is funny to pick on one large scoop of ice cream all day and bring it into the conversation every time.

♥ Because it is comforting to come back at 11 in the night and have food ready to eat.

♥ Because the cloudy and rainy Sunday is a perfect reason to stay home and play “Apples To Apples” and perfect time to learn a new card game. (My first ever)

♥ Because it’s wonderful to sit together with friends and eat lunch, ice cream, almond swiss chocolate and have coffee in a row.

♥ Because Murali said,”If you are worrying now about going back to work tomorrow and not having fun there, you are missing the fun this moment”.

What’s New ???

Okay, if you can’t live without knowing what is new, here is what is new. I wanted to take pictures while I was knitting this, but I didn’t. I also wanted to add more colors in between, but I didn’t.

Oh wait. Before you make some assumptions and ask me the obvious question, ‘No’. It’s for Shardul. He is not here to wear the hat and model it for my pictures, but, look, Ms. Little Kitty volunteered to model.

Oops. Well, She was too small for the hat. (Wait don’t say that she was too ashamed to wear my hat 😦 ) And also, when they said practice makes everyone perfect, they were right. Here are some of the first hats I knit. Although, they can be hardly called hats. They were expected to become one, they just didn’t. However, I absolutely loved this color and kept knitting. It did work out finally.

Again, if you have to know, here is miss highness endorsing the hat.


 It could be a while before Shardul gets to wear this, until then, lucky Ms. Kitty can have it. Poor thing. Now she is worried about the modelling contract she signed with me. 🙂