A Trip To Everett

Remember I told you last time about us stepping out of house and finding something beautiful each time. Well, last Sunday was one of the other type of days. Now that I think about it, I think we have an equal share of all kinds of days and trips. Yeah. Sorry guys, I got carried away. Anyway, heavily exhausted from hiking mount Si, things were running at a just born snail’s pace. By 4 o’ clock, we have used up all our regular activity ideas; including a movie, a trip to library and even an argument about something ridiculously silly.

Now was the time to actually do something. Murali already clarified that we had already finished our weekly quota of walking. (On a side note, I am the one complaining about aches all over the body, but Murali is the one saying no to walking. He must either care too much about me or simply, he must be lying. These guys, I tell you). So the next thing to-do, is implementing an idea from no where. That is a trip to Everett. Everett is about 25 miles from where we live. That is where we drove. Not that we had a plan to go there nor that Everett is a tourist destination. We don’t even have driving directions to the place. It’s totally an ad hoc thing to do and we are just two people driving on the high way. And this is what we did for the rest of our trip.

♥ Everett has good views of Mount Baker. May be our future hike destination. I am not really sure why would they call a snow mountain, Baker. It’s not like anybody can bake anything there in the open. Nor it is like it’s too hot that all apples are automatically baked into apple pies. Weird people, I tell you. On the other had, don’t you think Mount Dil would make a perfect name?

♥ Everett has a Wal-Mart. As usual, I jumped at the sight of Wal-Mart. It’s not like Wal-Mart is my Disneyland. But in general, I love the shopping areas where I can find something that I like and also be able to buy. Especially for home decoration. I love to have new decoration items, replacing them once in while (read every two weeks). And with just two pay slips a month, I can’t afford to do that with Pottery Barn and that’s why Wal-Mart. Well, looks like now-a-days I am losing that right too.

Me: Yayy! Let’s go to Wal-Mart.

Murali: Is there anything you wanted to buy there?

Me: No. But if we go there, I can buy something.

I swear, he almost took a u-turn to take me home. 

♥ Some of the architects in Washington do use their brains while constructing shopping malls. Others just don’t. These others construct outdoor shopping malls, where people must get drenched in the continuous rain, hop from one shop to another in the brutal cold wind. But the architects in Everett are not these stupid types. Everett does have an indoor(read usable) shopping mall. And the best thing is that this is on our way back home. Now that we have crossed the town without finding anything useful, Murali is now obligated to take me to the mall. (Going to Everett was his idea). Dhoom Taana ta Jhum ta na na na. Dhoom Taana.

♥ When you see an ice cream shop,especially as soon as you enter a mall, you use it. Does not matter if it is Coldstone or Baskin-robbins or Something-that-must-not-be-eaten-at. You go there, you ignore however it looks like, order the flavors you like and you get out with a cup in your hand and show-off your ice cream to all the kids in the shopping mall. (Sounds evil? yeahh..That’s me..)

♥ Showing-off and making kids jealous; I guess ice cream alone was not enough. While I was walking by, a lady handed my a balloon. That’s right. She asked if I wanted a balloon and I said yes. Bingo, ice cream in one hand and balloon in another. Now you kids better come to me.

♥ Now, what’s the deal with this hi-fi shops that sell a tie for $195? Again, I am never a brand’s person. What has it done to us wearing the expensive watches Tiger Woods wears, I ask? Uhhh.. I better move to another point, before any of you start answering that question.

♥ Craftsman DOG BONE™ Metric Wrench is a good product. It’s swivel head allows easy access and fits any angle. It has Cr-Mo Steel for strength and durability and is ideal for oil drain plugs. It’s triple chrome plated with full polish finish makes it really easy to clean. Good to know so, but the only problem is that I don’t need one now. I bet neither do you. LOL. I can’t believe, I made you all read that. Oh my god. I am all evil tonight.

♥ Insert some dinchak dinchak dances and drums here because after typing all this, I finally learnt that the right spelling of Everett is Everett and not N-ever-ett.

21 thoughts on “A Trip To Everett

  1. 😆 😆 at the Craftsman Dog Bone point 😆 :lol
    But the picture indeed looks like dog bones 8)
    You guys live near so many scenic spots, that your weekends are as good as our planned holidays 😀 😀

    Collecting pieces of decoration can be fun, but in my case I pick more of souvenirs 😀 😀

    Neverett sounds fun 😆

    all men are the same when ‘possibility’ of shopping is in sight 😉 😉

  2. I read Everett as Mt Everest and wondered whether you were planning to climb it 😀 Ice-cream and balloon sure sounds fun!

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