Hiking Si…

8 miles, 4120 feet elevation, six hours hike..That’s Mount Si; Our latest accomplishment and our weekend hike. By far, this is the highest elevation we hiked to and also the toughest. It’s not that 8 miles is too tiring for us. 8 miles on a flat trail is fairly easy. But 8 miles of steep elevation, starting right from the parking lot is tougher. 

The other part of this hike is Little Si. Little Si is a similar and smaller version of Mount Si. Its only (notice only? 🙂 ) 5 miles and also a steep  hike, but not all the way up to the summit. Little Si is less harder than the Mount Si. We hiked Little Si the week before Mount Si and so I cant help but compare. 

Cloudy skies on Little Si
View from Little Si

More than the hike and view of Little Si, what was amusing was how we were taken hostage by this dog. When we started our descent, we stopped for a minute at one point to take some pictures and there was this dog, very cute. It kept pushing the little stick you see in the picture towards me, obviously signalling me to play throw and fetch with her. That was the first time, ever (a dog wanted to play throw and fetch with me 🙂 ).

I was a little scared that the dog would jump on me and kill me if I don’t throw the stick, so I kept doing as she wanted. At least 10 times, she would go fetch the stick wherever I threw it. I had to be really carefull while throwing because we were surrounded by the valley. The dog was running so fast that it wouldn’t even look before it would jump into the valley. Finally, I didn’t know what to do. I silently tricked the dog and got away and now, Murali was taken hostage. I was standing away, laughing out loud, looking at Murali’s face. I was just waiting to see, how Murali would handle the dog. And suddenly he said to the dog, “Go away” and the dog just did. I couldn’t believe it. Either Murali has the super powers to talk to animals or the dog went to college and studied english.  How come I didn’t know that talking to the dog will make it go away? Huh. I need super powers. 

Hiking Mount Si, we had also seen couple of dogs, trying to make it to the summit, some of them just gave up because it was too hard. But it was worth all the effort. The view from the summit of Mount Si was just breathtaking.  We started our hike in the afternoon and reached the summit by 4 pm. The sun was not too sharp, although there were clear skies around. The views were very clear. 

Mount Rainier view from Mount Si


That’s how high we were

Snoqualmie Valley
Rattle snake Ridge lake

We could even see Bellevue downtown and as well as the Seattle downtown from the summit. The small center piece of blue water you see in the above picture is the rattle snake ridge lake, looking as beautiful as the last time. 

We stayed for an hour at the top of the mountain and started our descent, back to the parking lot. Coming down the steep hill is always easy, at that time. We try to walk fast and as well control ourselves to not go too fast. But what we don’t realize is how much pressure we put on our knees. While walking up, we slow down when we need to. But going down, we just don’t realise how painful it could be. Not until you come, get some sleep and wake up. And then the first step feels horrible. Legs super sore, calves so stiff and now, I wish I dont have to walk for another 10 days.


23 thoughts on “Hiking Si…

    1. Wow! 8 miles of trekking sounds like awesome weekend trip 😀
      Even I would need super-duper powers to guess that talking to a dog could make him go away 😆 😆
      I can imagine your state of mind then 😉

      The pictures have come wonderful 🙂

      Take rest and I hope your legs feel healthy soon 🙂


  1. That must have been an awesome trip. Pics are so nice, looks like a fabulous place to unwind 🙂 Oh and dogs are men’s best friend. Who else will they obey? 😀

  2. What an awesome trip and the shots are gr8!!! 😀

    “Either Murali has the super powers to talk to animals or the dog went to college and studied english. “ 😆 😆 I can’t stop laughing at this 😆 😆 LMAO!!!! Can imagine the expression on your face at that moment… ROFL 😆 hahaha hee hee hee hu huuuuuuuu……..

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