And That’s Why It Ends..

It is happening. That is for sure. Signs are everywhere. Here are my top reasons world is coming to an end soon.

♣ Thanks to the magic bullet (If you don’t have one, you should get one..and if you don’t know yet..Magic Bullet is a mixer-grinder), I have cooked regularly. By regularly, I mean, 3 continuous days in a week. (Sabash Gabbar…Sabash….)

♣ I am writing this in office. Can you imagine? For the last one month, I didn’t even have time to check my email and suddenly, one day I get time to write this. I can’t be too happy anyway, because that was the end of it.

♣ For about 15 days, it didn’t rain in Seattle. Do you know what that means? People are calling it Summer, but I say, pack-up folks.

♣ One of the last Saturdays, I woke up at 9:30 am, got out of the bed at 9:31 am, was in the kitchen by 9:45 and by 10:30 I made steaming hot, edible, tasty, pongal, even with chutney.

♣ Lost internet connection at work yesterday. and it felt very weird; like people would stop talking, birds would stop flying, trees would start walking and those little LED lights on my hub would stop blinking..

Now I am out of ideas, out of words…never mind..we are going to be out of this world, anyway…



25 thoughts on “And That’s Why It Ends..

  1. Cooking for 3 continuous day! way to go :D.. I think I should check out magic bullet now 😛

    I write most of my posts in office 😉 Sshhhh..

    I totally get you @not raining thing.. I so wish it would stop raining for a couple of days in Mumbai. I am tired of the filthy roads , umbrella and being stuck @home on weekends 😦

    No net @office :O. unimaginable!

          1. Hahha…Its just the mixer. I havent tried the atta kneading etc. But I guess that would just take the magic bullet away from me, back to the store. So I better not try it 🙂

  2. Are you talking about 2012? 😀 I also want rain here, the summer just doesn’t seem to end. Oh, and the header looks awesome. Lots of fruits 😀

  3. The first and last points were rocking 😀 😀
    cooking continuously for 3 days is a big achievement 🙂

    Stop the world from ending for I need to read more interesting posts from you 😛


  4. The world is coming to an end alright, The Dude left me and went to Umreeka :((
    Oh, and I can only think of the gym at work! 😦
    Hehe, yes, it was nice knowing you! 😀

  5. hello they said 2012 right ? I am making plans thinking I have 2 more years before it all ends. 😛
    So please let’s not end the world this soon 😀 😀

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