Rattle Snake Park

Do you know how many times have we stepped out of the house without a destination in mind and yet landed in an awesome place? Answer is many times. Well, it’s not that we are too lucky, it’s just that there are too many beautiful places, if we go looking. And this was one such day. The day was sunny. We were (Hmm..I was) awake early. (Please note, these two events are connected. Because they happen only once or twice in six months). 

So we took off from house, wearing good clothes (good weather, remember?) and took I90. We know this is a picturesque route and has a lot of things to offer; Hiking trails, snow passes, water falls, river trails etc. etc. Our goal was to find new hiking trail and enroute we found a ‘Rattle Snake Ridge’ trail. The trail was beautiful, challenging, but the best thing was the lake in this beautiful weather. Given the hiking freaks we are, we decided to take a break from exercising. It was time to relax, and enjoy by the lake side. And even take a dip. 🙂

Ahh..Isn’t this fun??

 Or this….


A little birdie sent me this flower..with lot of love.. 🙂


Murali invented a new fishing rod. It just what looks like in the picture. Three twigs tied together. There are two problems with this fishing rod. First, there are no fish in this lake and secondly, even if there were any, they are not stupid.













And this would be the hill we would have hiked if we had taken the trail. May be next time. There is no chance we are deliberately going to miss it. 



Another interesting thing at the Rattle Snake Ridge Park was the water conservation center. What better place to talk about why we need to conserve water. A little more amusing was this drums producing music with coordinated water drops.


Okay. Now it is baselined. This is amount of water you need to have in your body to be as smart as Dil. :p

That’s beautiful Rattle Snake Park folks. To sum it up, get out of the house, enjoy the weather, drink enough water and conserve a lot of water.


19 thoughts on “Rattle Snake Park

  1. OMG the last pic takes the cake. what was that ? Some machine ?

    and looks like an awesome place. The drums are cool and tempting. I so want to sing ” dafali wale” 😛
    even better becoz no one will hear my voice 😆

  2. The photos are so tempting! Must have been an awesome trip 🙂 How does the machine find the amount of water? I’m always scolded at home for drinking much less water than I should. Now I think I should better drink enough water to get some brain and become smart 😀

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