The Time Travellers Wife

Ladies and Gentlemen, please stop what ever you are doing, put your hands together and clap for my accomplishment. Okay. Now, please continue to read. Yes, you deserve to know why you needed to clap. When a person, who is so devoted to sci-fi, action, thriller and murder mysteries kinda books picks up a book like ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’, don’t you think she should be appreciated? (may be even a $100 cheque from each of you..What say?)

By picking up, I just don’t mean I checked out the book from the library. Although, I swear I got atleast a dozen of looks from different people. Hmm..wondering how did they know? Anyway, I read it, without losing interest, enjoying the light events. Although, I kept imagining how good a thriller based on these lines would be. Ahh. An action adventure in time travel. Murder in 2000. Solving it by going back to 1980. Ahh…Sigh. That would be wonderful. Oops..No..No..I am back. I am not going there again. Remember, my goal is to read all kinds of books.

So, simply put, I liked it ( see..not loved it 😦 ). This is probably the first time I have read a love story. As I havent read any other , I am assuming that this is not as totally romantic as the others. But ‘Time Travellers Wife’ is more of story of two lives, known to get married in future. Ahh. Clare is so lucky. She know who she is going to marry, when she was 10 or so. Isn’t that nice?

But coming to time travelling, I was totally excited about it and wish I had that power. But after reading Henry’s story and about his life, I probably don’t want to do that now. Ah. What the hell. It’s still worth it . :).

I am happy to have read (read completed ) this book. And satisfied that it was worth my effort.

Oh. Btw, this book is not the reason, I have disappeared from my blog. But its my job again. Hey. Its been a long time I cribbed about my work life. 12 posts, precisely.

Oh..Oh..Also, completing  reading ‘Time Traveller’s Wife’  and watching Inception on the same day was… quite… interesting. Fourth level of dream, then time travel to first level, and idea incepted to bungee jump or sky dive, wake up in the middle..oh no…


11 thoughts on “The Time Travellers Wife

  1. *clap clap* well done DOTR haha…$100 cheque. I too should get appreciation and $ for my finishing a 600 page book 😀 Inception and time travel together!? What a thrilling idea! OMG! I would go mad 😀

  2. I know that feeling of completing a particularly exhausting book! In my case, it was unfortunately, the book that the world considers sacred. The Fountainhead. Needless to say, I hated it! 😉
    I like the idea of Inception and Time Travel on the same day! 😀

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