Welcome Junior Calorie Boy…

Everyone..Please welcome dear Shardul into this world. He is now officially 4 days old and is, as expected, giving his mother good sleepless nights. Among all my friends having babies, Shardul gets a special mention because Suz is the first friend, whose pregnancy details I followed very closely; More than my own sister’s. From the day she walked to my desk with a funny face, saying, “I don’t feel good” and then “The hospital called and it’s an yes!”. I was so happy for her. And she was so excited, at the same time concerned, scared etc (First pregnancy you see…). Now all the support I can offer is via the words and only the experiences I heard from others (Pardon my lack of inexperience please, God chose her to go first. 🙂 ). Her nausea, her naps, life style changes, new foods, appointments, I used to be half excited as her. And Suz is like, being a strict vegetarian, if you hand her a meat product, she would first look at the calorie/nutrition table at the back of product, freak out at the sodium levels and then realize its meat. 🙂

Dearest Shardul…Welcome and here is wishing you a healthy and happy life. Eat well and eat all; unlike your mother don’t freak out at the low protein levels. Your mom makes some tasty snacks by the way. I know your mom does not read this blog, because I havent given her the link yet; But please some how convey to her that I am so eager to see your adoring eyelashes and cute hair.



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