I hate this feeling. It makes me feel very sad. Two days ago, I had to go live some where else, with other people, not that they are really new, but what really bothers me is the change, losing the comfort of my home and my bed. And then, once I get used to the change, I realize that this is where I really wanted to be, with people who care about us. Seeing the little girl smiling, trying to crawl (she is just one btw) and every body is waiting desperately for her to take one step forward. The parent are so ecstatic. She completely makes us forget everything else. But it also feels bad, knowing that we are far far away from experiencing these feelings and even away from a settled life. And suddenly its time to go back home. Time to go back to just the two of us. You know you can’t stay at the new place permanently, where there are lot of faces and different things going around that can make us forget all the worries, at least temporarily.

Six hours of flight and we are back to the place where we have to deal with everything on our own and there are no faces that can make us forget things. Yes, that’s life.


6 thoughts on “Missing…

  1. Hmm. Yeah. That’s life! It is hard to live away from your loved ones. You think you are used to it, but it’s only when you meet them again and are leaving when you realise you are so not used being away!

  2. Oh, I am totally resistant to change too! 😦 And it takes me just about enough time to get comfortable at one place, and the life moves me back! Sigh, unfair huh? And being away from people who matter, Argh!

  3. Watching kids trying to learn new things is such joy. I am sorry you had to come back but atleast you spend some amazing time with them. So keep that thought around to keep you happy. And go visit them as soon as you get some time 🙂

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