Myth-o-illogical Me

The missy took a little ride today. In her car; On her own; Without any guidance, without any body following or watching out for her; Absolutely just on her own. And she did good; Didnt hit anything. All the souls around are still alive. She drove for short distances but with lots of ishtyle. She may have even given a few ‘ewww..You guys are walking’ expression to the pedestrians. And why not, she waited so long for this day. But, when the day finally came, what did she do? You will be mistaken if you thought she jumped into the car the first chance she got. She almost wanted to. But she didnot. There was something really important she had to do first. Important than the drive she wanted for a long time. She had to check the rahu kalam. Sounds stupid? Wait until you read the rest of the story.

When I started writing my solo first car drive, I got into thinking, am I really that orthodox? The last I checked, I was the rebel in the town. My mom almost pleading me to be a little more traditional, about what I wear, about how I talk, about what I do..almost everything. So where did this orthodox me come from? Never mind how I turned into one, but the point of interest is what all I am following these days. After realizing ‘what all’, suddenly, checking rahu kalam doesn’t seem that bad at all.

* I no longer consider 9:11 to be a good time. I don’t want to look at the clock when it’s that time. I don’t want to start anything (even waking up or stepping out of house).

* If you have read some of my earlier posts, you might remember that I have a thing for mini-coopers. Hmm..Not any more. Seeing them is, now, just another sign of ‘something is going wrong today’.

* This is the worst. I don’t talk to my best friend about the good things that happen to me, for the fear of getting jinxed (I know, I am truly evil). On the other hand, she likes to hear about everything that’s wrong in my life. Sigh;

* Web pages loading slow is a bad omen.  While the other myths are the ones I  follow based on many day-to-day experiences, this one dates back to just one experience in 2008. Like every time, I opened the regular indian news websites I follow, only to see that all of them are loading dead slow. And when the pages load, what do I see, the Mumbai carnage. Hmm..I know there are technical reasons behind this, what to do. It’s just me.

* Pink, green, blue; The color doesn’t matter. It’s the dress actually. If something went wrong the day I was wearing the dress, it’s added to black-list. Oh, speaking of black list, any thing that’s black is on the black list already.

* A spam mail? Oh my god, start praying. Pray that the spam email gets deleted magically. Or mechanically navigate the clicks and delete the spam (Making sure that my eyes are closed or not looking at the word spam)

* “We are going to play shuttle tomorrow”, “I like it very much”; I don’t really feel like saying this to any one. including writing all this here 😦 .  Thanks to the Lord of the Jinxes.  

* Unclean and messy kitchen? That is just the signs shouting to me that I am going to have a messy day.

* Red traffic lights all the way? To others, it means stop at the signal, To me it means, turn back and go home.

That is just few things from my list. My next resolution is definitely going to be getting rid of these things. I  will make this happen; Or may be not..May be its jinxed already. Sigh.


8 thoughts on “Myth-o-illogical Me

  1. Totally agree with Preeti.. that is a lot to remember!!! You should get rid of them soon 🙂

    And congrats on going solo, must be an awesome feeling na?

    1. Wel..I guess it all comes natural to me 🙂 So I dont have to remember.
      Yes it was awesome..aa bit scary…but awesome..

  2. So many jinxes. Get rid of them 🙂 Lol at ‘ishtyle’ and ‘you guys are walking!’ expression. It’s tempting but you should be considerate of the poor pedestrians 😀 😀

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