My Mowgli

Each time any one mentioned about watching Mowgli when we were all kids and how cute it used to be, I used to draw blank. The reason being that, yes I liked Mowgli, but that was not my favorite. Any time I think about the cartoons I used to watch as a kid, the one that always comes to my mind is Heidi. Inspired by a book and translated into many languages, this was telecasted on Cartoon Network on the weekends,in the afternoon. My sister and me used to watch it together, enjoying every moment of it. Like my mom used to wait for Rangoli, we used to wait for this show, just imagining that we both were also relaxing on the clouds. I even had a small picture of heidi cut out from the news paper and it lived for a long time in my bedroom.

I tried to find the english version many times, but havent had success. Anyway, here is a intro in non-english. I just love her smile and cuteness.  Hey, by the way, the torch has been passed on and the dearest cowsick is now a huge fan of heidi. He is actually the one who reminded my sister and me of this series again.

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