A Snack In The Rain…

Seattle actually doesn’t need any meteorologists. I don’t need somebody yelling every 5 minutes on every other channel about how the weather is going to be. What are they going to say anyways? “Yesterday it rained 22 hours. But today..everybody..Its going to rain forrrrrrrrrr 20 hours’. Do we all need to hear that?  Well, Yesterday was one of those ’20+ hours of rain’ days. As the motto of the month is to ‘Beat The Rain’, we stepped out of the house for our usual jogging. As it rained and rained, we patiently waited in the car for the rain to die down. Finally, Rain decided to take some break (Thank you ..).

Trail was, as expected, not much crowded. Ocassional walkers here and there. Cloudy skies; green, fresh, clean, wet leaves; Beautiful. The admiration of ‘The as-of-now beautiful place’ had to stop suddenly. Wait, what is it? Flies..Tiny tiny flies, all over the place. All around the head. I got irritated about the sudden disturbance and looked at Murali. He had already covered his mouth with his hands and said to me,

“Keep your mouth covered while talking..”

“Sure. I don’t want these things to go into my mouth.”

“No..Its not that…These things actually don’t taste good..”



7 thoughts on “A Snack In The Rain…

  1. Hehe…’these things actually don’t taste good’. But that must have given you sick feelings. Like wanting to throw up.

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