The Lost World…

Whatever teeny tiny little thoughts or creativity or motivation is left in me is being brutally murdered by my work life. I have no good time for myself or my blog. All those innocent, dying, sulking drafts in my inbox may never see the day light. Days may pass on, again, without a single thought shared with anyone. If you like my blog a bit, please hope that my work life gets better and I can come back and blog. If you don’t like my blog, even then, please hope the same; I promise, I wont post any more boring stuff about anything.


4 thoughts on “The Lost World…

  1. Is work-life so tough? I mean I’m still in college, so I’ve no idea how tough and gruelling it might be. But anyway, come out of it unscathed. My best wishes and prayers 🙂

    1. Depends on how you take it. depends on the expectations, team, responsibilities etc etc. Thanks for your wishes Ajay. 🙂

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