Walking by the river…

Gone are the days when we used to walk in the bright and crisp sun light, one mountain after the another, on the well paved roads and yet into total wilderness. Walks here are a bit different. And different as in good difference. Thanks to the rain (actually no thanks..), the surroundings here are much much more greener than the bay area. Huge trees, different shades of green, wonderful houses and then there is walking by the river. Thats Sammamish River Trail for you. If you are anything like me, you would assume a huge flowing river, with occasional sighting of boats and well paved hike paths just next to the river that you can even touch the water. Well, hold on folks, we are wrong. The actual scenery is almost as beautiful as this, but this is a small river and its right in middle of the town. Thanks to that point, its pretty easily accessible.

This river trail starts from a Mary Moore Park (minutes away from my home) and runs all the way to Bothell, almost 10 miles long. The river flowing is pretty calm and decent and the trail is surrounded by really nice trees and plants. Being right in middle of the town is in one way good, but the not so good thing is that there is not much wilderness around. It’s a long park walk one would desire. Especially with strollers. Ahh..Blessed would be those…who could bring their little ones and yet get their exercise. We have tried this trail already about 5 times now, and loved it each time. There are various connecting points and that makes it possible for us to explore the whole trail, even when we dont have the energy or time to walk the whole 10 miles at a stretch.

I wish I can get my walk here everyday , at least for an hour, but one can only wish. Thanks to the soul sucking work life, it is getting so difficult to enjoy a peaceful sleep or few nice moments. But walking here does seem to be promising at least. Hope it will get better.

I have been trying to post the pictures I shot, but that just seems impossible. Hence, to make life little less complicated, here is one for you from somewhere else (Courtesy : Kingcounty.gov).


2 thoughts on “Walking by the river…

  1. Wow! That description sounded like that of an English movie setting, or even better, like what they describe in Classic Novels! How lucky you get to live there! 🙂
    And also, welcome back! Hows the new job? Hope you will be blogging more frequently.. 🙂

  2. The place is really beautiful Preeti..except for the caterpillars though…Jobs taking my whole day..and yes..hopefully will let me blog…Thanks for the comment…

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