The long due long weekend….

My first long weekend. The weekend that I was so desperately waiting for. Just one extra day of holiday and my mind thinks it’s the end of all the work headaches. Even after knowing that it’s not true and I would have to go back to the headaches very soon. Well, never mind, any extra time away from the soul sucking job must be cherished. And so I waited for the weekend to come and its finally here.

Like any other time, before the weekend strikes, you want to do a lot and lot of things. In my case, I didn’t want to go anywhere, I didn’t want to travel to any travel destination and do any sight-seeing. All that I wanted this time is to relax, stay close to home, yet step out, but just relax.  Knowing that weather this weekend (in fact, any weekend) is not going to be favorable, my intention to stay home didn’t seem wrong.

More than the Saturday or Sunday, the best time of the weekend for me is Friday evening. Ahh, the feeling that I am out of work, and the next two days , I get to do the things I want to and don’t have to worry much is a bless. So was yesterday. Oh btw, did I mention that I have been jogging these days? For the last 4 evenings, we have been happily escaping to Sammamish River Trail and jogging. Not sure, if you ever heard about this problem, but I suffer from an irritating and terrible ‘Restless Leg Syndrome’ that makes my every night miserable. That something had me assumed that running is not my thing, not for this life at least. But surprisingly I proved it wrong. Jogging is fun and is very much the exercise I need. And the river trail is a jogger’s paradise. Although it’s been pouring since last weekend and the rain is not showing any signs of reducing. But yay…we have been so happy that we were able to beat the rain. 

And so started the weekend, with a good hour-long  jogging. I wished I could capture some pictures from our walk, just for you guys to look at. The evening was beautiful. It just stopped raining, the surroundings soothing and everything awesome green. And after I came home, I did something that I have missed so much that I even forgot what I was missing. Listening to music; When all those of my favorite songs were playing loud, singing along and playing solitaire (like a newbie)..was so much fun. That was the moment I told myself, yayyyy, my relaxing weekend is finally here.

But for my husband (hence forth referred to as Murali, because that’s his name 🙂 ), the idea of holiday is different. For him, any holiday is a day, where we both don’t have to go to offices, but are out of the house.  Just driving, walking,shopping or hiking, anything, just about anything, outside house. And I don’t have to tell you how disappointed he was to see that its raining a lot and he can’t get out of the house even today. Well, I am not sure what I am going to do about him in the winters, Hmm… May be I will worry about it later (BTW, any ideas are welcome..).

If rain can be depressing, only one thing helps. Not having a depressing mood. And it also helps, if at least one person in the house has the open mind to realize so and talk to others. Hm..Hell with all the talks…my advise…you can skip all these lectures and change his mood by cooking his favorites. 🙂 Yeah, that works. It did in my case. Well, you see, today especially, it was very important to change his mood to happy because I had to go shopping. And no body wants to go do some shopping with a moody company. Never.

Anyways, everything worked in my favor, when I was able to buy the cookware set I have looked for from a long time and also a pair of sandals (Totally unrelated to each other…). And there is no way, Dil can sit idle with a nice looking cooking set. Its time to use it. And that’s what I did…Opened cupboards to see what I can cook and yippe..found a RasMalai mix. And I am happy to tell you that, unlike in other cases, this mix did really turn into a RasMalai (Fyi….If you havent heard back from me tomorrow, it means that the mix has expired).

Oh, the other best thing of the day was the trip to my favorite place..The Libraryyyyy. The idea was to get dvds to watch, as many as I can, given the rainy days. And now I have with me a bunch of hindi dvds to watch. I was really looking forward to watching a nice comedy and guess what, the hindi comedies these days, suck big time. Thats when we decided to switch to ‘Deewar’. Yep, you read it right, ‘Deewar’. And a follow-up conversation…

Murali: “Mera paas gaadi hain, building hai, car hain….Tumhare paas kya hain?”

Me: “Mere pass naya cookware set hain..”

Murali: “Aha, Mera pass uska bill hain….”

I know, he is just jealous…You guys never feel good about your new shaving sets..Do you? You just don’t know how to cherish things in life. 🙂 . Or in other words, you should learn from me (or my blog).

And so should the weather here, very very moody. I just heard that its going to rain tomorrow, the day after and even the coming week. 😦 . Lets see what we get to do tomorrow. I am so looking forward to having a small picnic in any park, just crashing on a blanket and do some reading. Please, weather, please…Give us a break…


Finding Little Swami

As legend always said, nothing that exists out of the cyber world is easily findable. You are running late and you cant find the keys. You are waiting at the ATM and you cant find your card. And for the millionth time in your life, you wish you had Ctrl F every where. Well, that’s one side of the story. In my case, what I was looking for existing very much in the cyber world and yet, thanks to the family drama, I had enough trouble finding what I was looking for. Here is the story…

As it happens with every phone call,

Loads of <Not needed, Junk, What the hell, Are you kidding?, Why are we talking this?, Who cares?, Why Why Why> talks.

And then comes the actual stuff…

Mom: So, little swami is quite busy these days. The school is wrapping up the year and exams and annual day celebrations etc etc.. He is very busy.
Me: Aha..So how were the celebrations?

Mom: Pretty good, I heard. He performed a western dance and his photo is in daily newspaper.

Mom: Yeah. It is. They published the school celebrations pictures and his picture is in it.
Me: What? WHAT? WHAT? News Paper? NEWS PAPER? It is such a big thing and you are telling me after talking about nithyananda scandal and other junk? What? What? What?

Mom: Umm….Aaaa…Uhuuuu..Ummm…yeaaaa….Ummmm…
Me: Okay..Okay..Which news paper?

Mom: Xxxxx. It was published in the district edition
Me: What district they are in?

Mom: I think its Guntur..
Me: Okay..

Before I could say anything else, the until-then-silent-and-now-hurt husband’s voice sounded in the room.Hurt because we committed a unpardonable mistake…….getting our General Knowledge wrong.

Him: It’s not Guntur District…(throwing cold how-come-you-dont-even-know-this looks at me)
Me: Umm….Aaaa…Uhuuuu..Ummm…yeaaaa….Ummmm…

Him: Its Krishna district.
Me: (I literally had to throw back you-know-this-only-because-its-a-part-of-your-name looks at him just to make him stop.)

Me: Mom, Its Krishna district. How come you dont know that? Huh?
Mom: Hmm…………

Me: Anyways, When was this?
Mom I think it was last Friday.

Me: Are you sure?
Mom: Yes, Yes, very sure.

Me: Okay..I will check theee…
Mom: Orrr..let me confirm the date and call you back..
Me: What? You just said you are sure…Hmmmmm….

The so-sure Mom called back twice to tell me that it was actually Sunday’s news paper. She almost seemed like she called even the newspaper’s editor to confirm. Naturally, the easiest step would have been to check the news paper print itself, but the adoring grand-mom wanted to save only her grandson’s picture and nothing else.

Anyways, now where the hell was this newspaper. Open Firefox..and damn..Firefox wont load Telugu font. Install/fix/repair/restart..and finally the font loads.

By the time the Vista restarted, I almost forgot what I was looking for. A little retrospection and I proceeded to looking up the website for finding an online edition. It seemed almost magical that my eyes saw the word archives first on the website. Thats it…just one more step away….Click the archives, select the date and get the picture..Or you would think so..World is not that fair my friends…

What you see upon clicking those links is just two words that will make you go crazy, especially if you were in the restless mood I was in. As if it was going to help, the Archives page flashed the words in green..Login Required…

Damn it…The primary reason I stopped looking at most of the websites is because of these login required signs. I hate them like spam. But this time, the ball is not in my court. My heart almost cried, when I was entering one of the less used (already dedicated to spam) email address, double checking to see I havent selected ‘Send me offers’, ‘Send me news’, ‘Send me promotions’. Oh my god, internet really sucks.

Check..Check..Check…Check with all the excitement and energy. Double check, Triple check, wake up the sleeping dragon and ask him to check (as if the sleepy eyes were going to find something that mine couldnt. sigh…)..Nope its not in here. Then, as if my cribbing had already reached India, phone rang.

Me: Mom, Are you sure its Sundays newspaper?

Mom: (As silently and politely as possible…) Ahh,Yes..But it was Eenadu news paper..Not Xxxxx…

Me: (Absolutely no feelings. Seriously I cant punish my mom for over spamming my email..) Okay.

Repeat the entire process…Check..Check..Check…Check with almost no excitement and energy….

Finally land on the one piece of photo that had bunch of kids trying to pose.

Mom: Did you see the picture? Isnt he adorable?

Me: Mom..Where is he?

Mom: Oh…He is RIGHT IN MIDDLE of the picture. See, he is the tallest and fairest guy in red dress.

Right in middle…my foot. Check out the picture and tell me.


Oh..By the way if you are trying to find him too…he is the boy in red, the tallest, fairest and the cutest….Okay seriously….He is the fourth kid from the left..In the background..wearing what just seems about like a red checks shirt and a brown pant.

And thats how the story ended. All the drama finally paid off after I kept looking at the picture over and over again. It seemed like it was just yesterday that my dad called and told me ‘Madhu just delivered a boy’..It seemed it was just yesterday that he spilled his food for the first time and started crying before we could say anything. It seems like, it was just yesterday that he did a lot of first-time things, but he is already dancing and performing on stage. Hey that was really his first time too…

Walking by the river…

Gone are the days when we used to walk in the bright and crisp sun light, one mountain after the another, on the well paved roads and yet into total wilderness. Walks here are a bit different. And different as in good difference. Thanks to the rain (actually no thanks..), the surroundings here are much much more greener than the bay area. Huge trees, different shades of green, wonderful houses and then there is walking by the river. Thats Sammamish River Trail for you. If you are anything like me, you would assume a huge flowing river, with occasional sighting of boats and well paved hike paths just next to the river that you can even touch the water. Well, hold on folks, we are wrong. The actual scenery is almost as beautiful as this, but this is a small river and its right in middle of the town. Thanks to that point, its pretty easily accessible.

This river trail starts from a Mary Moore Park (minutes away from my home) and runs all the way to Bothell, almost 10 miles long. The river flowing is pretty calm and decent and the trail is surrounded by really nice trees and plants. Being right in middle of the town is in one way good, but the not so good thing is that there is not much wilderness around. It’s a long park walk one would desire. Especially with strollers. Ahh..Blessed would be those…who could bring their little ones and yet get their exercise. We have tried this trail already about 5 times now, and loved it each time. There are various connecting points and that makes it possible for us to explore the whole trail, even when we dont have the energy or time to walk the whole 10 miles at a stretch.

I wish I can get my walk here everyday , at least for an hour, but one can only wish. Thanks to the soul sucking work life, it is getting so difficult to enjoy a peaceful sleep or few nice moments. But walking here does seem to be promising at least. Hope it will get better.

I have been trying to post the pictures I shot, but that just seems impossible. Hence, to make life little less complicated, here is one for you from somewhere else (Courtesy :

Restless in Seattle

Literally. The new work place is giving me sleepless nights. Each day is different and difficult in its own way. New challenges and new expectations; its hard to balance life. Especially for a person like me who wont rest until she knows everything about her work, until everybody knows that she is good and better than others (mean.. I know), until she is all settled in.

But thats how my mind is. And hence surviving day by day. Waiting for all this new-job blues to be over soon and trying to get back to my blog (seems impossible..)…

I had lots of thoughts and wanted to tell you guys about lotta things happening over here, hopefully I can.

And when I am back today, I noticied that Preeti has welcomed me back with a blog award..yayyyyy…Happy….Thanks much Preeti…for the boost…