Hello From Seattle…

Hello from Seattle…. This is BJ Dil reporting…We are now based out of Bellevue and/or Redmond area. Feels like long gone are days we lived in bay area. After series of nostalgic (very very nostalgic) feelings, we are slowly getting out of the Bay Area Blues. Although, I am not losing even a single opportunity about telling anybody that I came from bay area. Now that I don’t live there any longer, I am kinda proud of telling everyone about it. (It’s the style human brain works…we miss what we don’t have and we don’t care about what we have…). Inline with that, I can’t remember any of the times I had cursed bay area in the past for something. My brain seems to have shift deleted all of those chapters.

As speculated, weather here is funny. Sunny one minute, raining next and windy and cold another time. It hasn’t irritated us yet but surely is going to do so soon. Hope that spring/summer will be here by the time.

It’s not yet a week that we landed here, but I have managed to touch base with few old friends, do some shopping and also set foot in the office..(Microsoft oooooooooooooohhhhhhhh…..)

Back soon with how other things here are (other things as in weather, new weekend hikes and MS office life…)


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