Last of Last

It’s not like I have changed 10 jobs in my life. I am moving to my third job, mathematically that would mean that I have left behind only two jobs. Right? And yet I am surprised by the similar ways I behaved when I was leaving my second job, yesterday. I left my first job a solid 3 years ago and my thought process doesn’t seem to have changed at all. I had the similar thoughts, similar feelings etc etc, resulting in this Last of Last blog post.

Ever since I had the confirmation that I was leaving this job/friends at work/location, I started counting This-is-the-last-of-this.


Today is the last Monday here

This is the last walk with friends

This is the last time I will wear a so-and-so dress to this work place

This is the my last train journey

This is my last stop at Redwood City station

This is the last meeting

This is the last email

This is the last outing with gals

This is the last picture

etc etc etc

There were so many ‘This-is-the-last-of-this’ that I got tired of doing this little exercise. Had I proceeded any further I would have even thought about ‘This-is-my-last-breath-watching-the-bay’ (too much senti…I know 🙂 ). So I probably stopped at the right time.

But to not miss the important things, let me take a moment and say what I will miss the most.

Miss the friends at work. Miss walking with you all along the bay, chatting continuously as if we were in any college and passing comments at everybody we know…

Surely miss the wonderful weather, sunny and shiny.

Miss the hikes. Though Seattle has great hikes too, I fell in love with bay area hikes because this is where it all started. This is where we explored the mountains, walking miles each weekend (or even a week day some times) and staying fit. Until I hike near Seattle and compare and tell you, bay area hikes are the best-in-class to me.

There you go. The top three things Dil will miss.

With all the new promises and new hopes, I move on, to explore new places and future.

Ohh..Did I mention that this is the last blog post from California? 🙂 The next one you read would come from my new home.


2 thoughts on “Last of Last

  1. Yay… ok…first I did not know this is ur last of last…but coincidently… i resigned today…and my last will be few days down the line…yay!!

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