It sucks!!!

Wanna know what? It sucks to leave a job where you think you are doing good, you are valuable; Where people genuinely like you and so do you; where things are going great and you have good prospects. It sucks to leave such a place to new one where everybody is supposedly super smart than you, where you have to always run to keep up with everything; where you are one among thousands and where you have to go some extra miles (not one or two..but many many extra miles) to stand out.

It doesn’t make sense and yet I am doing it.

I must be crazy.

2 thoughts on “It sucks!!!

  1. Hey, I guess what you expressed it’s so universal. For most people there is a saturation point where we tend to realize that we have had enough.

    It’s not only about working in office or any other places but even daily household stuff which we do.

    Just try experimenting and you’ll perhaps tune it in to something more exciting & satisfying . Wish you sweet thoughts…and better days ahead

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