Just Being Wife…

I am no different to others (note…some times or very few times or lets say, I have my own style ) when it comes to nagging or just snapping back comments at my super-patient-caring-innocent husband. Although some times I do wonder who is the most evil amongst us (especially when he tries to snap back at me…), this space is about me ‘just being a wife’. That’s the time the devil in me takes over my natural common sense and does a lot of commendable things…


(In the background of me being very sick…)

Him: Shall we go out?
Me: No

Him: watch TV?
Me: No

Him: Alright..how about shopping?
Me: No

Him (frustrated enough): I will make a note of this..
Me: Hang it with the other one million notes I wrote..


(On the way up the mountain hike…)

Him: Lets go right..

Me: No..Lets go left..

Him: Please..lets go right..

Me: No…Left.

Him: Okay..Lets go left…

Me: No..Lets go back. I am tired.


(On the occassion of he getting sick..)

Him thinking that I have passed on the cold/flu germs to him. i.e. I sneeze for two days and then he sneezes, making him assume that…

Him: You are the GERMINATOR.

Me: (Just plain old/cold/angry/sad/guilty/confused/confusing looks…That’s enough….)



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