Time Travel

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The car raced on the single road as if its an emergency. The accelerator pressed to the full; Head lights off and car continuously honking. All that Akash could hear was the roaring laughter in the passenger seat. All that he could notice was the unstable steering wheel. He didn’t think he should slow down. In fact he was using all the energy he could pull in exerting more pressure on the gas pedal. He was instantly disappointed that the car didn’t gain any speed. He didn’t know why. ‘May be its broke or something’ he thought. ‘But I am driving one of the best of world class cars.’


The voices from his car were strong now. Akash didn’t know who that was. Some body was shouting. The cries were giving him more energy. He pressed the gas pedal again. Almost falling on the steering wheel in the process and honking again. Honking sound was funny to him. He wanted to do it again. But he didn’t know how that sound came.

The shrieking noises were back again.

This time only the noise faded slowly and died soon. Akash wanted to know who was in sitting in the car with him. He gotta know. It was his car. If he doesn’t like them, he should just throw them away. After all, it his world class car.

‘World-class-car’. The words seemed to have given him some boost. He pressed the gas pedal again, slowly drifting into unconsciousness. He was happy though, that the honking sound was back again.


He didn’t know what time it was. His eyes opened slowly. Something inside his head hurt. It didn’t feel right.
He tried to wake up from where he was, but failed. From his half open eyes, he could see that some body was running towards him. Somebody wearing white clothes. As the person came closer and his vision stabilized, he noticed it was a female. ‘May be Mom’, he thought.

‘No. That’s not possible. Mom died long back..Don’t you remember?’ an inner voice questioned deeply. The inner voice seemed hurt..very hurt.

‘How could you forget that?’ inner voice sounded much more strongly this time expressing lot of anger. The anger seemed to have brought his senses back to him. Akash was now able to see clearly. It was a nurse. She had an injection and some bandages in her hand. She handed the bandages to another nurse and started injecting Akash’s hand.

The pain returned, feebly this time. Akash tried to shake away his hand.

“Sir..sir..Please wait..”, the nurse’s voice was weak, as if pleading…

Akash tried to stabilize himself, trying to figure out what was happening. He looked around. It seemed to be an expensive hospital room.

‘Of course, it must be expensive. You wouldn’t even want to breathe if the hospital was not a world class expensive hospital’ the inner voice sounded in his head.

‘World-class-the-expensive’, the words brought back more information to him. Something has happened, he knew. He had bandages and some scratches on his hand. The red stains on the bandages scared him a bit. As the events started to occur back to him, a person entered the room.

Akash looked up, with great difficulty, ‘I must have hurt my neck too..’.

The person’s voice echoed in the otherwise silent room.

“It’s all taken care of..”, he said, with a voice that didn’t seem neither hurt nor happy. His voice was shrill and strong.

“Dad….”, Akash managed to say..

Akash’s eyes almost closed as the person walked out of the room again.


Akash sat before the mirror looking deeply into it. His mind was too confused to think. There were thousand voices sounding inside his head. All of them talking about the mysterious accident on the road that killed people. ‘The driver and the other details were unknown’, most of the channels reported. Some of the channels assumed who could have done it, but none of them reported him. He knew when his dad said ‘It was taken care of’, it was really taken care of. No body would ever know about the accident. Just he must stay away from people before his injuries get cured, just to avoid unnecessary questions.

Yet something was troubling him. ‘It must be one of the physical injuries’, he thought. The answer didn’t seem right to him. He tried to shake the feeling away by getting up from the chair. As he looked up, he saw his mom’s picture. Saree clad on the head, big bindi, a simple smile and utterly beautiful. He wondered again what made her marry dad. She was such a down to earth person. Very much unlike dad, who cared only about money in his life.

Stuck in his thoughts, he hasn’t realized that Lakshmi amma has walked into the room. He smiled at her. Lakshmi amma is probably the only person in this house, who would genuinely care about him.
Lakshmi amma didn’t smile back at him. Her eyes looked tired, as if they cried a lot in pain. She handed him a piece of paper and walked away. Akash confusedly looked at her walking away and then at the paper.


Janaki stood on the road side watching the traffic.

‘Its getting so messy these days’, she said to her self. The afternoon sun was very bright and she had no intentions of staying in the sun for a long time. ‘The baby will feel uncomfortable’, she thought.
Motherly looking at her child playing with his little doll in the stroller. Janaki smiled at how much the baby loved the doll.

‘Taxi..’, she called. The noise in the street was so high that the taxi guy standing on the other side of the street didnt hear her.
Janaki called again. Her voice was not even audible to herself.

Sun still shining bright, Janaki adjusted the saree on her head again and moved fast. This taxi was the only one standing on the street. She moved fast. She had to take that taxi and get the baby into the shade. ‘This sun is not good for the kids.’

Finding her way between the traffic, Janaki was half way across the street when a huge truck came towards her. The driver seemed to be in no rush to stop at the woman walking about in front of the truck. ‘She will go away’, he thought. ‘They always do find their way around this traffic’, he even smirked.

But this one was not going away. As Janaki stood in the middle of the busy street, unable to cross and unable to see the vehicles coming because of the blocking sun. By the time she saw, the truck was too close. She didn’t know what to do. The truck was going to hit her. Her mind stopped working. It didn’t say anything. Don’t know what prompted her, but she forcefully pushed the baby stroller away from her, onto the traffic. She didn’t know if another vehicle was going to hit the stroller. Her motherly instincts came back to her when the stroller was already few steps away from her. As she prayed hard, that the stroller reaches the other side safely, the truck stuck her.

Akash stood on the corner watching the truck rush away from the accident scene without even stopping. All that he could see in front of his eyes, in the middle of the street, was blood covered pieces in the saree he knew that was his mom’s.


Akash was completely in tears making the piece of paper in his hands go completely wet. Before he realized he was sobbing looking at the wet article in the paper
‘Seth’s wife dead in road accident. Another hit and run incident’. The article gave a minute by minute account of the rich Seth’s wife killed in the accident. It even managed to print some pictures of the road and the brutal scenes of blood spilled all over the place.

‘She saved him’, he thought. ‘She saved him’.The three words kept repeating in his head.

‘Mom died in that accident by the driver, who didn’t even care about the person he hit.’

‘Mom saved me only to make me the same person who killed her. Somebody who didn’t care about the persons he hit and murdered’.

Still sobbing high, he looked up at her mom’s picture. She was still smiling. She probably didn’t knew that she died trying to save a horrible person, who cared nonetheless about other lives.

Akash approached the nearby phone and dialed.

“Police station?”

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30 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. oh gawd, look at the number of typos I made 😦 ok, I accept that I was sleepy on a Saturday, sitting in the office πŸ˜‰

  2. beautifil… really beautiful…

    Trust me I have no words to express my love for this post..

    Its amazing to see how people have done justice to the topic of Time Travel.. M zapped..

  3. ‘Shikshaa’, a 70s movie, is one of my favorites. It is about the repentance of a spoilt kid who razes a person in his drunken stupor (has that famous song — Teri Choti Si Ek Bhool Ne Sara Gulshan Jaladiya, Kya Mehekenge ab Phool Kabhi, Kya Phir Se Bahare Aayengi..).

    Your post was the essence of that movie distilled into a short story ; a story told really well. Intelligent, sensitive and evocative. A time travel guided by conscience that reached it’s sensible destination.


    Best I have read so far..

  4. @Saurabh ,

    Thank you very much..Good luck to you all too…


    Cant find the movie yet…Will check it out for sure. Thanks very much for your comments.


    Saturday, office, sleepy….doesn’t sound good… Hope you are out of it..already. Thanks for dropping by..

  5. Heylo,

    I must say the post is really well narrated. I idea was cool and the descriptions are awesome. Overall a thumps up πŸ™‚

    Good luck for the BATOM.

    Love & Peace

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